Friday, October 4, 2013

It's MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY!!!!!

I LOVE my birthday!!!! :-D

I don't know doesn't matter whether I get presents or parties or birthday wishes or not, I still walk around ALL DAY with a happy smile on my face that it's MY birthday!!!! :-D
I think it's because I feel like it's my own special day, every October 4th for the past 44 years has been MY OWN day!!!  See how exciting that is....?!!! :-D  Everyone should LOVE their birthday!!!!!

I was born during the Vietnam war, so my dad was drafted and moved my mom from Massachusetts to Fort Hood, TX, where I was born.  And unknown to both of us, my dearest Brian lived just about an hour away from me in TX my whole first year that we lived there (he was 7)......isn't that SO amazing?!!!  I love thinking about the coincidence of that!  Of course, he loves to tell me that I'm really a southern girl, NOT a Yankee, but I'll never agree with that!!! Haha!

I remember feeling SO fancy in this next picture (LOL).....

Here I am at 20 in 1989, with my so-fashionable feathered hair......

Then each of my babies followed, and I didn't care about my hair anymore (:-D)......

And now today, with my yummy Triple Chocolate Cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce, ALWAYS my favorite, and each of my babies still with me (and I wish I cared about my hair again, because it's a little messy here!)......

I am SO excited to be 44, and thankful to God that I am healthy and happy with my life, with so much family to love and friends (online! :-D) to bring me joy!!!! ^-^


  1. Oh thanks so much for sharing these pics with us! Happy birthday dear friend and you look GREAT for 44! As does your hair in all the pics!
    Funny thing is in 1989 my hair was pretty much identical to yours!
    So here,s wishing you many more happy years!

  2. Happy Birthday! I always get excited on my birthday too. Enjoy your special day! Amy

  3. Happy belated birthday Lisa! I hope you had an enjoyable day with your beautiful family. You don't look like mom, you look like one of the kids!


  4. Happy late birthday! I hope you had a good one. I'm 5 years older. When I was 5 yr old my husband and I lived on the same street-- separated by a busy street for about a year and a half. We also went to different schools but our bus stops were across the street from each other.

  5. Happy birthday Week! We can celebrate together, mine was Oct 1st so we are the same week.
    You are beautiful my friend messy hair or not. and your kids are gorgeous!

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Happy Birthday a couple days late - we celebrate birthday's for a whole week around here. So I'm still okay to wish it to you.
    Loved your step back in time! You were and are adorable.
    You and your husband look the same age as your children (not saying they look old...saying YOU LOOK YOUNG!)

  7. Hi Lisa. I just found your blog (came over from Karen Martinsen's blog) and I'm so excited to find a blogger that's practically my neighbor!! I live in Rock Hill and I believe you live in Gastonia so see, we're practically neighbors. All of the blogs that I read live far away so I'm so glad I found yours. I'm going to go back thru your archives and catch up. I love what I've seen so far. Have a great weekend and enjoy these beautiful Carolina Fall days. Aren't they glorious?

    1. Hi Sandy!! It's amazing to meet an online friend so close! :-D Any good "prim" shops down your way??
      I hope you enjoying TODAY -- it's PERFECT, and the Carolina weather is one reason why I will never move back up north again!!! LOL :-)

      Thanks for saying "Hi"!!

    2. Hi Lisa. I'm sorry to tell you there are NO prim shops around my area. All we have is Goodwill and a few consignment shops. Sorry. Hope you're having a great day and getting ready for the cold weather coming next week. My firewood is stacked and ready and so am I. This is my favorite time of year. Wasn't this past summer a strange one?: All the rain and unseasonable temps? Well, when it comes to weather my Mom says all we can do is talk about it and I guess she's right. Moms are usually right about everything!! Have a great day.

  8. Hi Lisadiane:
    Wanting to wish you a belated but sincere Happy Birthday! Loved all of the pictures. You are ALL so beautiful (O.K., so the guys are handsome!). That triple chocolate dessert looks YUMMO!
    ~ Cheryl