Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well, I have been working really hard this whole past week, fixing walls and wallpapering.  Do you know how long I've had this planned and even had the wallpaper??....3 years!  Yes, that's right -- 3 whole years!!

Here is what happens:  I have a great idea, I plan it all out and buy the supplies and dream about how wonderful it will look when it's all done.  Then, I think about what I have to DO to get it done, and I worry about doing it "right" and having the time to finish, etc.....then I procrastinate.  That's why it's going on 7 years since we've bought the house, and it's not nearly complete!

Of course, my ideas changed and some were tried and didn't work, and some worked great and we love them.  And time goes by very quickly, and seasonally I have lots to monopolize my time (spring/summer= gardening and canning; fall/winter= crocheting; nieces/new babies= dolls and blankets).  And it's hard for me to get motivated when I'm not feeling "inspired".

So now I'm actually doing it, and it's not that hard!  It's going along quickly, and it looks wonderful!!  I love hiding all the flaws on the walls and all the old painting and stenciling - I really feel chaotic mentally looking at the messy walls and floors, and looking at this lovely wallpaper is so satisfying....I feel content and happy seeing it when it's (almost) finished!

I have gone through 2 rolls already, and have 2 full walls completed.  I have made SOME mistakes, too....yikes!!  I have cut two strips completely short, so that I had to fight with the paper pieces to find the matching pattern and cut it right for the spot.  How does that happen?  I am paying close attention to myself and my measuring now, so I don't do that again!

Here are some Before and After pictures.....

See how cozy it looks in the bottom picture?  And the dark red (Plantation Red) boards go along horizontally 4 feet up.  I know that's quite a bit higher than most "wainscoting", but I felt it needed it along the higher walls.  They get up to almost 9 feet in the middle of the house!  There is still trim to do along these walls, but I just love the effect already!  Even on the shorter wall, I love how cozy the tall boards make it!!  I LOVE wood!
In the top picture, you can see a speck of the log cabin wallpaper I first tried in here....that was a mistake!!  Also, we have a 2x6 going up the wall (in the top pic again) that I use for a "beam" effect --- I worry that it looks stupid and fake, so I think about slanting another piece of wood from the board to the ceiling, maybe making it look more real...?  I don't know yet.

More work tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I just created this blog, so posts and pictures are coming!