Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NOW I want to CRY!!!!

Notice anything strange about my last post....????  Like how there is NO TEXT OR PICS with it...????


HOW does that happen in a blogging program???  I hit "publish" when I was done, but instead of posting everything I had spent hours on, it erased everything....?  It's not even in my drafts -- it's ALL GONE!

OH!!  I am SO frustrated right now, I had all kinds of pictures and updates and things I posted about, now I can't even remember half of them! :-P
And I really liked this post.....I was just about to read it again now, only to see it's NOT HERE!!!  GRRRR!!!!

Ok, well, I apologize for this and any confusion -- I'm going to have to start over with it all, so that might take another few days..... I have another quicker post I want to write first, so I'll post that one next and then try to duplicate the other one.  UGH!!!   I am very angry at blogger right now!!! >:-{

Thursday, September 19, 2013

But.....I Don't PLAY Tennis...!!!!

Ok, my diagnosis is TENNIS ELBOW! LOLOL
So since I'm NOT a tennis player, I'm going to have to assume that there must be alot of tennis players who are painting and sanding around their homes, in order to get the same diagnosis as me.....right?!  I think this should be called "Renovator's Elbow/Arm"!!!  Why should TENNIS PLAYERS get all the glory??? :-D

Ok, I'm finished amusing myself!! Hee hee hee! :-D

I was right that I have a pinched nerve/nerves in my elbow now that are affecting my arm, hand and fingers, and I need steroids for it.  He offered me a SHOT, but I'm a little squeamish about steroid shots (after a bad experience a few years ago), so we started with the pills.  I also got a "splint" for my arm, which is really only an adjustable band to wear right below my elbow.  Do you know, I felt a difference immediately with that on?  Amazing!!

I started the pills this morning - two a day - and I've already finished two nagging jobs I had to do!  These things give me such energy!!!  I'm lucky, because I've known people who feel sick and awful on them.  I think because I have a HYPOthyroid (so consequently, my hormones are always a little low), infrequent steroid use gives me a boost!!  YAY!!! :-D
I'm not hopping around the house yet, but I am starting to feel warm (and I'm normally always COLD), so I foresee an active weekend for myself.....I've already gotten into my mountainous need-to-sew pile!  I would love just to get the motivation and energy to FINISH some projects this week -- wouldn't that be so awesome?!!!

Ok, well, I'm off to make a list!  I'll keep you posted!! ^-^ 

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm Still HERE!!! :-D

Hello, all my dear online friends/followers!!!
I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth......! :-D

However, I have several things going on that are preventing me from being online for the past few weeks --- my internet wires are going up (YAY!!!), so we've had on and off internet for two weeks so far, but the biggest snag in my happy, productive life ARM.

Remember how I pulled a muscle in it all those weeks ago???  Well, it has never healed right -- it always hurts, I can't lift or hold things well, I can't move my hand and wrist without hurting it, and even when I lay it still it throbs and pinches!  And it's my RIGHT arm, and I'm right-handed!! :-P 
So I am going to my doctor this Wednesday to see what can be done about it.  It's VERY sore at my elbow, I can't even press on it, which makes me think that I have some inflammation there that is pinching the nerves in my forearm.  I've tried lots of pain relievers, even a few low-dose prescription pills, but it just doesn't work -- it always hurts.  And it's interfering with my life!!!!  I have canning to do, and cleaning, and PAINTING.....!!  Even now I must stop typing every sentence to rub it and put the heating pad on it because it's aching all the way into the palm of my hand!  SHEESH!! :-P

So, again, I have not even started any projects around here!  I've been able to do some canning -- tomato soup and garlic-dill pickles (YUMMY!) -- with my boys' help, and I need to make salsa now!!  I'm going to wait until after my appointment, though.  I'm hoping that he will give me steroids (that will permanently fix it), because those always get me excited and moving around!! LOL  I don't sleep much now, but when I took some steroids a few years ago, I was like Wonder Woman! :-D 
Boy, I could use some of that energy now (not to mention my arm feeling better!)!!!

I have a few pictures I could post, but they aren't very exciting, so I'm going to post a few of my favorite PINTEREST pictures...... Oh, I've been thoroughly enjoying Pinterest whenever I can get on there!!!!
LOOK at this chair!!!!  I LOVE it so much -- it was built around 1700!  WOW!! 
pssst!: I think I'm going to try to make a chair like this.....! ;-)

I LOVE this corner -- look at all the WOOD!!  The walls are what really caught my eye.....I so much want to figure out how to do that type of wall-treatment!  I'm just so scared to try it!!  I've GOT to get brave after my arm is better!

I really LOVE this idea for my bedroom -- I don't have a four poster bed, but we could make something to hang curtains like this to get the cozy effect!  I LOVE how this looks!!!

I told Brian I SO MUCH want this kind of blanket chest!!!!  Maybe he could make it....??  But I'd love to find one for real, in my price range!  Ok, well, he'll probably have to make it!! LOL  But I'm going to keep searching.....! :-D

I LOVE LOVE the fabrics used on these books!!!  They look so old and grungy, and the twine tying them together is the perfect touch!  Time for a trip to my fabric store.....!

These short, rustic stick-fences are SO NEAT!!!  I have to find a place for them in my yard somewhere!  Lowe's (and I'm sure Home Depot) sells the thin, pointed sticks very cheaply in bundles!!

Here is something else I simply MUST have in my yard!!!  This should be relatively easy, as soon as I find the right tree....!  I bet it's around here somewhere!! :-D

*Sigh!* I am developing a real obsession with these fabric fruits/veggies that some people are making now.....look at how gorgeous these are!!!  I LOVE the fabric choices, and the dried tendrils of hay or sweet annie (or something), and how they made them look so dusty/grungy!  I need to figure out how to make these, too!!

Here is the last picture I want to show you guys -- LOOK at this wonderful porch scene!!!!  I love it SO much!  The stool with the bowl on it, the wire basket, the rocker, but especially that long wooden piece and the dried hanging "weeds"!! (I love dried weeds, I have them all over the house! LOL)  I also think hanging the lantern on it adds so much to the rustic look!  WONDERFUL!!!! :-D

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures!!  They are all on my Pinterest board, "Primitive Displays that Inspire Me!", if you want to follow their links or see who else pinned them (that's what gets me into so much trouble on there -- clicking on other boards! LOL)
Sometimes Pinterest can make me feel, I want to CREATE these looks in my own home, not just PIN them and look at them on my computer!  Hopefully after Wednesday I'll be able to start DOING some fun things again.

WISH ME LUCK!!!!! :-)  I'll post that night to tell what happened, unless they do something mean to me and I'm too sore.... :-(

But I'm hoping to be much better after Wednesday!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! ^-^