Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NOW I want to CRY!!!!

Notice anything strange about my last post....????  Like how there is NO TEXT OR PICS with it...????


HOW does that happen in a blogging program???  I hit "publish" when I was done, but instead of posting everything I had spent hours on, it erased everything....?  It's not even in my drafts -- it's ALL GONE!

OH!!  I am SO frustrated right now, I had all kinds of pictures and updates and things I posted about, now I can't even remember half of them! :-P
And I really liked this post.....I was just about to read it again now, only to see it's NOT HERE!!!  GRRRR!!!!

Ok, well, I apologize for this and any confusion -- I'm going to have to start over with it all, so that might take another few days..... I have another quicker post I want to write first, so I'll post that one next and then try to duplicate the other one.  UGH!!!   I am very angry at blogger right now!!! >:-{

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