Thursday, September 19, 2013

But.....I Don't PLAY Tennis...!!!!

Ok, my diagnosis is TENNIS ELBOW! LOLOL
So since I'm NOT a tennis player, I'm going to have to assume that there must be alot of tennis players who are painting and sanding around their homes, in order to get the same diagnosis as me.....right?!  I think this should be called "Renovator's Elbow/Arm"!!!  Why should TENNIS PLAYERS get all the glory??? :-D

Ok, I'm finished amusing myself!! Hee hee hee! :-D

I was right that I have a pinched nerve/nerves in my elbow now that are affecting my arm, hand and fingers, and I need steroids for it.  He offered me a SHOT, but I'm a little squeamish about steroid shots (after a bad experience a few years ago), so we started with the pills.  I also got a "splint" for my arm, which is really only an adjustable band to wear right below my elbow.  Do you know, I felt a difference immediately with that on?  Amazing!!

I started the pills this morning - two a day - and I've already finished two nagging jobs I had to do!  These things give me such energy!!!  I'm lucky, because I've known people who feel sick and awful on them.  I think because I have a HYPOthyroid (so consequently, my hormones are always a little low), infrequent steroid use gives me a boost!!  YAY!!! :-D
I'm not hopping around the house yet, but I am starting to feel warm (and I'm normally always COLD), so I foresee an active weekend for myself.....I've already gotten into my mountainous need-to-sew pile!  I would love just to get the motivation and energy to FINISH some projects this week -- wouldn't that be so awesome?!!!

Ok, well, I'm off to make a list!  I'll keep you posted!! ^-^ 


  1. Glad it wasn't something too serious. I feel bad now sending you an email to "light your fire." You have an actual excuse! Wishing you feel all better soon.

    1. Oh DON'T feel bad!! I was actually giggling about sending you an email back, asking you to lightening bolt my arm so we could put it out of it's misery and get me moving at the same time! :-D

      And the pictures you send me are motivation enough -- your dining area looks GORGEOUS, and I love the colors in the kitchen pic you found on facebook! I'm going to have to dig around to see if I ever got a sample of that Bittersweet looks amazing!

      My arm is feeling SO much better, just from the strappy-thing I'm wearing, but I still can't use a paint brush yet - BOO HOO! I have been cleaning dust bunnies and getting my 2yr old sewing pile whittled down, which feels GREAT!! I might work on some UFO (like Duntie calls them!) crocheting projects, too. We'll see!!! :-D

      I'm so happy you commented, I always love to see you here! ;-)

  2. Glad you are on the mend! Have fun being super girl this weekend! ?...giggles...Amy

  3. Lisa Diane, I hope you are feeling better! This is the time of year I get very energetic! I hope you get all your projects done! Jo