Thursday, March 6, 2014

UGG!! Sick Again.....

....Of Course!!!

There's only so much stress a body can absorb before it starts to rebel.  And like I was mentioning on the APP forum (that I FINALLY got back onto, after 4+ months away), I am terrible about LOSS.  It's a real struggle for me to keep it from burying me in despair, and making me bitter.  It's that struggle that stresses me out so much.

So last night, my body just said "GIVE ME A BREAAAAAKKKK!!!!", and leveled me with a stomach-ache from hell! 
And then I guess because it doesn't trust me to take the warning seriously (and stop being so stressed), I feel NO better this morning. :-P  Blah, blah, blah!!!

This is a stomach-ACHE, mind you -- nothing else.  But the ache is awful, it's like having a hot bowling ball rolling around in my abdomen, and it makes me weak and nauseous.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Body, I'm no longer stressing about anything, because I can't stop thinking about how crappy I feel!

Actually, I'm going to go lay down right now.....I really want to feel better tomorrow because Brian is home and we are going to be starting some changes in the kids'/main bathroom!! :-D
Maybe I will finally take some fun pictures to post......!! ^-^

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  1. Lisa Diane:
    I can not figure out the new APP Forum. I have all but given up! Now you listen to your "older sister" (!): you must learn to practice deep breathing exercises. Check out Youtube to see if there are examples of how to do this. See my comment below. You must take care of Lisa Diane. This does not mean that you don't love or care about your Stepmother or your friend,Cheryl. Of course you do. But you must take care of you. I'm sending hugs and prayers your way, Cheryl ~ allthingscolonial