Monday, August 19, 2013

WHERE Am I.....??!!!! :-D

Well, I'm still here!! :-D

Our internet is still under-performing, and NO ONE has been out here like they were supposed to be last week or the week before that! :-P  But I am so done with complaining about it on my blog!  This is supposed to be my Happy Place, so there really shouldn't be any space wasted with whining about things!!  IF I ever have any GOOD news to report, I will.....otherwise, it's on to discussing other FUN things!!!

All weekend we had low humidity and low temperatures, and it was wonderful!  We have had one of the mildest summers on record, but we've also had dew points in the mid-70s almost every day, so it has still felt oppressive and yucky.  Having three days and nights with the windows open and a cool breeze floating in feels SO MUCH like Fall..... I want Fall to be here NOW!!! :-D

I've been in a little rut with working on the house -- what is it about me that when I get CLOSE to finishing a room/project, I suddenly can't seem to go the last few steps to actual completion??  It's a really aggravating thing to live with about oneself! :-P  I still haven't done a lick of painting!!!!  UGH! 

So I know I was supposed to talk about my weeds and garlands I've got hanging around here, drying, but I've GOT to show you all something else that is SOOOOO EXCITING!!!! :-D

For over two years, I have wanted a High Boy dresser, just like in all my favorite primitive/colonial rooms!  Like SO......
.....or even better......
Oh, I LOVE the distressed paint job on this one!!!!

Anyway, for over two years I've been searching for one of these in my price range -- ahem! $100-150 -- right, now you know why it's been over two years!  Everywhere I would look, the lowest prices I could find were $200, and I almost never found a FLAT top dresser!  The ones for the low $200s were more modern and had huge decorative tops.  It was disappointing!!  I ran into several that were $500+ (and perfect!), but I simply don't have that much money to spend on something right now (unless it's my auto insurance due this month! :-P).

WELL, last week someone pinned my picture above of the painted dresser, and I decided to check Craigslist again, and I FOUND ONE!!!!!  She is moving, and was selling the dresser along with two other pieces lumped into one price, so I emailed and asked if I could just get the dresser and for how much.......AND SHE SAID "YES" and asked for $150 for it!!!!!!  It had to be serendipity!!! :-D

Here it is......
I LOVE IT!!!!  Of course, I'm soooo tempted to sand it all down and PAINT it......but I'm going to leave it for now and just enjoy looking at it and realizing I actually OWN one of these now!!!!! :-D
Between this and our auto insurance at the end of the month, I've emptied our little savings account..... :-( ......that's a little scary for me!  But now we won't touch it and it can slowly build up for Christmas.  That was one of my goals for this year -- to save money for Christmas (and other little "extras")!!!

*Sigh!* Christmas....!!! 

WELL -- I NEED to get my painting projects done by then, for heaven's sake! :-P  I just cannot get myself to MOVE!!  This week I've got to make pickles with the cucumbers from our garden (the ONLY thing that's growing in there!), and I'm going to try a Pinterest recipe for cherry-cheesecake ice cream that doesn't use an ice cream freezer!  Hmmm -- I'm very curious about THAT one!
I'll be sure to post my results!!!! :-D

I will have to show you all my weeds and garlands in my next post, because I need to take current pics of them -- I think they are pretty neat!

And for two months now I've wanted to thank dearest Barb for sending me these two pieces of fabric.....
Aren't they LOVELY!!?!!  I was SO excited when I opened the package - it was so unexpected!!!  And I have lots of ideas for what to do with them, but right now I'm happy just petting them!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, Barb, my very special online friend!!! :-)

Here's hoping I will be able to blog again in a timely manner.....I promise to TRY!!! ^-^


  1. Well aren't you one extremely fortunate girl! Soooooo pleased you've finally got something you've dreamed of for a long Long time
    Best wishes

    1. CHRISTINE!!!! You are BACK! :-D YAY!! I've missed you!
      I'm going right over to your blog now to see if you've posted anything!

      I'm so happy you commented on my post! :-D

  2. So glad to see a blog entry here. I hope you got my reply to your email.
    I understand just what you mean about finishing a project. We have had so many things planned but the trees had to come down which made the fence have to be replaced. So now I have decided to work on the yard. Which is not needed until next year because we won't be dragging all the yard furniture out just for a month. I have enjoyed your pics of those dressers. so glad you got one. It is beautiful, I like them painted but it is in such nice condition I think i would just leave it and love it.
    My 2 cents anyway,

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I agree with Duntie. The wood looks like Cherry Wood. Maybe you could "wash" it with a wood cleaner to get any Pledge type polish off of it, and then just leave it. It's really beautiful and I am thrilled for you. I, too, have always wanted an 18th Century Highboy in either Cherry or Tiger Maple. I wanted a D.R.Dimes to be precise, but my DH could never catch the vision of parting with so much money on a "want", not a "need"! You are so talented; if you decide to paint it I am sure that it would look beautiful. You might want to consider using either Olde Village paints or Olde Century for this project.
    Primitive Blessings sent your way,