Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Hijacked Life!!!

Well, I've been a ghostly blogger yet again.....! *Sigh!!*  Our internet has been working fine, it's just that my life has been hijacked from me for now, so I'm hardly on my computer for long enough to write a blog post!!! :-P

I haven't done ONE THING on my list of goals for the week/month/summer!!!  No painting, no canning, no creating of any kind.....just maintenance cleaning (vacuuming, laundry, dishes), and cooking (and more cooking, and more and more cooking)!  My kids have been using my computer to play online together, which is really fun for them, and I've been helping my poor neighbor, Cheryl, again.  She has had some kind of skin reaction to the radiation (that's what they think it is, anyway), which is giving her itchy bumps all over her.  We thought it might be chicken pox, but it's been 2-3 weeks since it started and the bumps keep coming!  In the midst of that, she got a tick bite on her shoulder about 6 weeks ago, and it WILL NOT heal!!  I feel just TERRIBLE for her, even though she has a great attitude about it.  She is supposed to be starting her last round of chemo a week from this Friday, and she wants to get a handle on this skin thing before that.  So we've been searching for ways to help her skin heal, and trying different home remedies -- like oatmeal and honey (that's the one she's trying now, and it seems to help the most), we tried barley and apple cider vinegar, Calamine lotion, Epsom Salts, sprays, herbs --- we've been all over trying everything!!  Her doctors are of NO help with this (of course), they don't know what it is or why, or how to help it. :-P  There should be a whole division of the medical community that studies and helps with the side effects of cancer treatments -- Cheryl actually considers herself lucky to only be dealing with this.....there are some terrible side effects that others have endured! :-(
I always take a moment to thank God for how blessed and EASY my life is, and how much I have to be thankful for.  I can't believe I complain about my arm hurting!

This weekend she is going to stay at a friend's of hers in South Carolina, and Brian is going to fix a hole she has in her kitchen floor!  Someone else was supposed to fix it, but it never got finished, so I asked Brian if he would get it done for her and he said YES!!! :-D  It's just a square area of subfloor that needs to be replaced, and then some sticky vinyl tiles she has in there can be put back.  Then it will look GOOD again!

In the meantime, I DO have pictures I want to post of things, and a really fun idea I have to make a chair (once I can get back to working on projects around here!)......so I'll try to get back on here for that tonight or tomorrow!  I am also sorry to those of you who I haven't emailed back yet.....I'm thinking of you, I just haven't had a chance to respond yet, but I WILL!!!

My son needs my computer again, and I need to do some laundry, so wish me luck - actually, wish me peace and quiet for a day!! LOL  Then maybe I'd post something fun again!!!! ^-^


  1. Sorry to hear about your neighbor Lisa.
    I hope she gets some relief soon.
    You and your husband are such kind souls.

    Blessings, Audrey

  2. prayers for peace for Cheryl, how awful to have to endure this skin thing on top of her treatments.
    Your Brian sounds like a lovely man. glad the kids are getting along I would say have fun but doing laundry sucks lol
    Have a good day!