Saturday, October 12, 2013

Doing Lots of Little Things!! :-)

Well, I've got some painting done!!! :-D
I finished the kitchen wall that's been half-painted for months.....
And if you noticed, I finished the stencil that's been unfinished for years! :-P 
Ah, but there's a problem.....look closely.....
Can you tell....???
I used the wrong stencil colors!!! LOL  Ok, I'm not going to be too hard on myself, because I have (no lie) about 5 different reds that all look so similar.....
.....but I should have remembered about the blue -- I only have 2 of those!

It's an easy fix -- I'm just going to brush a little of the wall paint (Colonial Tan) over it, to dull it, and then just stencil the correct colors right over it.....but not tonight!  Haha!!

I also started on the lower kitchen cabinets, but I don't have pictures of that yet.  I'll wait until it's finished!
I am avoiding the top cabinets because they will be more complicated, and, well, because of THIS.....

Can you believe what a terrible housekeeper I am???  (Duntie, see what I mean about poor mousie....!?)
This is SO disgusting, yet I sit here on my computer instead of cleaning that up!! :-P  It's actually going to be a much bigger job than that, because ALL the upper cabinets are dusty, plus the shelf that is above the table!  *Sigh!*  I hate dust -- it's always everywhere!!!  And it always comes back in a few days! :-P

Anyways, I'm going to have to face that this week at some point, but I'll be SO happy when it's cleaned up and painted.  AND.....don't forget, I have those rusty tin panels to put over the glass fronts, that will look so will be a huge payoff to do that work! :-D

In the meantime, here are the pictures that were in that lost post!
I made a wreath for the front door.....
.....but hated it!!!  It looked like an 80's prom dress to me -- BLEGH!  And I said I was going to change it.
Well, this week I did......
Isn't that much better? :-D
The only thing I don't like about this is that it's fake flowers.....but I was at Hobby Lobby and they were expensive, but On Sale (!!!), and they look so real (and pretty!) that I couldn't resist!  I still feel like it's missing something, so today I bought some burlap "ribbon", and I'm going to wrap a little around it.  That should do the trick!!
That hydrangea looks MUCH better in a basket.....

Another thing I wanted to show was something my wonderful friend Honora sent me -- she has been trying to get Sweet Annie plants to me since the winter!  And she tried live plants several months ago, but they didn't survive, so she sent me A TON of branches of it!!
LOOK at how WONDERFUL it all is.....
(pay NO attention to my very sorry-looking make-shift work station!)I've been shaking the seeds out of them and saving them to sprinkle on the dirt once it cools off around here.  Then they should sprout up next Spring!!! :-D
She also sent me that bit of Bittersweet vine that is in the bowl on my table with the pumpkin and squash (that I love so much)!  I have never been able to find Bittersweet around here, so I was VERY excited to get that, too!!  I just love those Sweet Annie bunches.....I can't wait to put them all over the house and in some crafts I want to make!
Thank you so much, Honora!!!! :-)

I also posted about a new little antique shop we found!  It was one big room, and I found two treasures there -- look at this jug for $5......
And get ready for the MOST awesome thing......

This old box was $10!!!  I LOVE IT! :-D 
Now if I could only get going on making an aged paper box (that I've been talking about for over a year), they would look perfect together!  I also want to try painting/decoupaging that jug to make it look like pottery (I saw it on Pinterest.....of course).  It will be an interesting project.....IF I ever get to it!

Let's see.....OH!  I also posted about buying these to try drying out......
It's going fine so far -- I bought five all together, and after a couple of weeks, this is where they are at.....
And I also posted about some corn cobs I dried out.....
THEY dried out PERFECTLY......
Don't they look great?!!  I got more this weekend to do.....did I mention Brian and the kids think I'm "weird"..... Hahaha!! :-D

And I also did oranges.....
.....and LIMES -- what fun!......
(ok, with another orange!)  Don't they look wonderful?!!!  They aren't fully dried, so I hope they stay looking great like this.....sometimes they change when they are completely dry.

So THERE -- I think that's all the pictures from my "lost" post!  That was really awful!!  I'm still nervous every time I post now......I always "Save" it first, then go to the List to post it.  I can't trust Blogger anymore!

This week I want to get more kitchen painting done.  I really feel like making something, so maybe I'll try papering a's a little intimidating!  I don't know, I might just end up looking at wallpaper boxes on PINTEREST......that seems to be what I do most lately -- LOOK at things instead of DOING them! :-P 
MAYBE I can motivate myself this week....??? ^-^


  1. Go, Lisa!
    You have been busy. I like the dust lol It matches mine.I was just looking at the bowls on top my cabinets the other day. covered in "kitchen crud" you know, that sticky greasy dust from cooking and stuff in the kitchen.
    The stencil is great! I am looking for a stencil for my kitchen, found a couple now have to decide.
    Can't wait to see more pics of the kitchen when it is finished.

  2. Oh my you are always a whirlwind surprise the dust has time to Blessings! Amy

  3. Dust is a country accent :-)!
    I LOVE all your dried fruit and corn! and your wreath turned out great too! with the hydrangeas in the basket PERFECT!
    Have a fun filled week,

  4. You have been a busy little bee! I think the stenciling came out great, Im sure a little mix of the original blue and no one will be able to tell!
    Love the idea of dried pomegranetes too....hmm...I cant seem to spell it right now, lol! You also gor some great treasures!

  5. Lisadiane:
    I hope it calms you to know that ALL of my upper cabinets are dusty, as well. (And that's just the cabinets!). Oh well, we are not indentured servants! It all gets tended to in due time. It's so fun to see how, and what you create. TFS, Cheryl