Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have wanted to post for the past two to three weekends about stuff that I've been doing -- FUN stuff (finally), but I haven't been able to find the time -- I've been doing alot of running around for my dearest, very ill friend, Cheryl.  NO good news to report with her :-(

But I HAD to post about this first, I HAVE TO......

My precious Adam turned 18 last Friday (April 11)!!!!!!

WHERE did the time go????  He is my second/middle child, and has been a challenge since before he was born!! LOL  NO, I MEAN IT.....when I was 4 months pregnant, he shifted in my tummy and plopped himself onto my sciatic nerve for 2 months!  I couldn't fully stretch my right leg!!  I limped around the whole time!!
THEN, being my largest baby (1oz away from being 9lbs!), I thought he'd come early, but NOPE -- he was born almost 2 weeks LATE......I cried every day for that final week, because I was so uncomfortable and frustrated!! LOL
But then he was born and the REAL challenges began! Hahaha!! :-D 
Remember this picture?  Both my boys, so sweet and tiny (Adam is the baby! :-) ......

He LOVED tearing apart my cabinets!! LOL

And he loved his little plastic car!!!

13 months old and already walking -- he learned
 to walk just after he turned 10 months old!
 He loved water.....
.....and sliding on our banister
 (which scared me to death!)

You can see by the date on this old photo
 that he's just turned 4 here!!

Here he is on his 13th birthday!!

Enjoying a beach party with our family 
that summer, and already SO tall....

Having cake on his 14th birthday!!!

And here they all are when we went out this
 weekend for his birthday.....
 He got to pick wherever he wanted to eat, and it was Red Lobster -- GREAT choice!!! :-D

Now, for a comparison, here they
 are almost 15 years ago.....

......and again, just this past Christmas.....
(see he's taller than his older brother?)

SOOOOO many changes, HOW did that happen....??? :-)  They may grow into adults, but to me I still see them as those tiny children!  How God has blessed me!!  I thank Him every day for the gift of my beautiful children!

Happy Birthday to my baby!!!!

Thanks for reading my gushing post about my Adam!! LOL  I can't help it, I HAVE to gush! :-D
I promise, promise to post again in a few days with some fun things I've been up to.  There may be some good news about Pat, so pray for that if you will.  
Thank you, my dearest blogging friends!!  Sometimes you guys are the only happy thing I think about in a whole day.....and I am SO GRATEFUL to you all. :-)


  1. Well moms GUSH...that's what we do so go for it Lisa!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM...you have grown into a wonderful handsome man!
    I so enjoy seeing family 'growth pictures'.

  2. Happy belated birthday to Adam!
    What a good looking group you all are!