Friday, July 4, 2014

For My Dearest Followers/Friends......

I don't have the words to describe how touched, comforted, and GRATEFUL I feel from the thoughts and prayers that you all expressed to me.....there are no words that can convey how special it was to read your comments, and to know that even those who didn't comment were praying and caring about me!! 

Audrey, thank you so much for your perspective!  I had been thinking about your feelings through this whole thing with Cheryl, ever since you mentioned how hard it was for you to read about what I was going through because of your recent loss.  But you never avoided my painful posts, and your comments were almost always the first ones -- even though I knew it was difficult for you.  I am SO touched by your selflessness -- sending me comfort and support every time you could tell I needed it!  What an amazing, generous friend you are to me, THANK YOU for being here!!

Barb, your comment and quote had such a wonderful affect on my feelings -- I could feel myself slipping into a little bitterness over how many times God has taken someone I care about, and how unfair it seems -- WHY ME...???  But after reading your comment, I could feel that self-pity disappear, replaced with acceptance and understanding.... along with relief (bitterness and mistrust of God always scares me, even when I can't control it).  I called my mom to read that quote to her, too, and your comment, and it was a comfort to her as well!  THANK YOU for your friendship, I treasure it, and it's always a blessing to me!

Cheryl, THANK YOU for being such a faithful friend to me.....seeing your comments and emails is like getting a hug from you.  You are like a big sister to me, and I wish you were here too!

Donna, your comment was so comforting, reminding me that my friend is away from ME, but in spiritual joy in heaven.  I get so caught up in what *I* have lost, I don't always think about what has really happened -- her suffering is over, and she is "...celebrating in Heaven".  Reading those words eased some of the sadness in my heart, and I am SO grateful for that!  THANK YOU for being such a caring friend to me!

Grace, I was so touched to see your comment -- I enjoy our posts on the APP Forum so much.  You are a sweet, positive friend to everyone, and it makes me happy to have you call me "friend".  I am SO grateful for your prayers and thoughts (and hugs!).  THANK YOU for your caring comment!

Debra, your comment was so special to me, partly because it was unexpected, but also because of your kind words.  Everyone on the APP forum is so special, and I'm very happy that you joined to add to the fun and closeness.  I look forward to posting on there again when I feel more cheerful and can be inspiring and fun again.  THANK YOU for your comment and your thoughts and prayers! 

And to ALL my other followers/readers .....even if you don't comment, I am grateful for all those who have been praying and hoping for Cheryl and Pat, and me.  And all those readers who care about what's happening to us over here.  The people I've met online are THE BEST people I've ever met, and I thank God for bringing you all into my little life! :-)


  1. Thinking of you Lisa, hope you're feeling better and thank you for such kind words in your post.

    Big hugs my friend,

  2. Lisa, I've been thinking of you and keeping you in my heart and prayers. Take care of yourself sweet lady. Sending you bunches of (((Prim Hugs))) my friend. <3