Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Forum Update....

I was REALLY hoping that I would be posting with a NEW Forum for everyone by now, but things aren't going as smoothly as I thought they would, unfortunately!
I'm having some trouble understanding how to get the framework of the site set up, so I'm having to search and read about CSS coding and post questions to the forum-site-creator's FORUM (LOL!), all of which is taking me more time than I have right now! :-P

AND THAT'S BECAUSE.....I was volunteered (by my darling husband) to crochet little doggie sweaters for the wives of some men from his work -- BLEGH!!  I agreed unenthusiastically at first because it was supposed to be "a few", but that turned into 15 within a few hours of me agreeing!  I wouldn't mind, really, except that they all want them made with florescent colored yarn that is ACRYLIC.  I know lots and lots of people love acrylic yarn, but I can't stand it!  I intensely dislike the feeling of it in my hands, and when you couple that with the colors that I have to look at..... well, not only do I not really WANT to make these, it's actually detrimental to my spirit to make them!!!  Haha -- a teensy over-dramatic, but I have been struggling with these repulsive little eyesores for the past 2 weeks.... I've GOT to get them finished this week, not least of all because I want my life and creative joy back! :-D
So I have bounced back and forth between struggling with this forum creation website to attacking another little yarn monstrosity!!  If I could just FOCUS on setting up the forum, I would be done by now I bet!

So this is just a quick little update so you guys know I'm on it for real .....and I'll post again by Wednesday with another update.  I plan on crocheting these little MUTANTS continuously until finished, which should take me 2 days, tops!  Then I'll crack the CSS code and get the forum online, and our group fun can begin again!!!! :-D

SORRY it's taking me so long!!! 
Keep your fingers crossed, and I'll be back by Wednesday! ^-^


  1. You do not have to apologize by no means. You are doing so much for us. I know what it's like to make something you really don't want to do let alone 15 of them.Yuck! I finally got done with a Mizzou Tigers plaque on a wood stand for a person. I said I would make it by the summer for him and just now got it done because I really didn't want to make it. It turned out really nice. I shocked myself. I have a lot of time in it. I threw away the picture of the cat and said no more of these. I don't care who else wants on. I gave it to him for a real good price. I am getting ready for my fall craft shows.I can't wait. I made the cutest little scarecrow to sit on these little bales of hay that an Amish woman was selling. They have small bales of hay at JoAnn fabrics and want $12.99 for it. I got these cute little bales for $1.50. My husband is going to go back and see if he can get 20 or 30 more. I really think the scarecrow is going to be a great seller. You make sure you take your time and not over work yourself.

    1. Your scarecrows sitting on the hay bales sound too cute! I hope you have much luck at your fall craft show!
      (((Prim Hugs)))

    2. Oh Debra, you DO know what I mean!! LOL
      I LOVE the sound of your scarecrows and the little hay bales -- TERRIFIC find too, for that price! I hope your shows go GREAT for sure to take plenty of pictures, because once I get this forum thing done, you can post them there!!! :-D

  2. I am thrilled you want to try and put a new Forum together because I miss the APP Forum, too. The people on that Forum were the best people I never met! (If that makes any sense.) So supportive, inspiring and talented! A wholesome group. On the flip-side, I will say it caused me to read some members' blogs that I never had time for before......and I am sad I never made the time to do it before because I cannot remember everyone and only happen to stumble on them by accident. The blogs are amazing! I love yours! You make me cry and laugh at the same time! You are a gem and I wish I was your neighbor! I would be so excited to see your gardens and hear about new seeds you bought and share mine with you. I am still in shock of you holding that snake with tongs to save your baby birds! It shows how HUGE your heart is! You hang in there. I can relate to so many things you posted and I have also had a rough summer/year (emotionally) and I am glad you are open to posting your life experiences. It is helpful to know we are not alone. I just wanted to get on here and say Thank You for what you are doing, and keeping us posted, and to not over-stress yourself. Thank you for being you!
    Dawn :)

    1. "Supportive, inspiring, talented, wholesome"... I agree with everything you posted about the old forum and our lovely Lisa too! I'm sorry that you've been having a difficult time, but I do agree that when others post about their experiences, it does indeed help us to cope a little better. Please know you will be in my heart and prayers.
      (((Prim Hugs)))

    2. Hi Dawn!! Thanks so much for your comment! :-)
      I am so happy that you are enjoying my (crazy!) blog, and I'm touched by the kind things you said about me....I really REALLY try to be a happy, uplifting person -- within myself but especially around others, so it was hard to keep from pushing my blog (and people) away when I was feeling very hopeless and sad. So it's a relief to hear that I haven't frightened people away from my blog when I posted a little of how I was feeling. I'm SO SORRY to hear you have been struggling this year too.... :-( OH, it is just SO AWFUL to go through these hard times, and I will pray that you can find your way out of it soon!
      Maybe once I get the forum going it will be a way for you to find support again!! I agree SO MUCH that there is a huge hole in my life now that the APP forum is gone -- THAT'S what motivates me to get another one going!!

      You take care and hang in there, and I hope we talk again!!!! ;-)

  3. Oh my Lisa, I'm sorry to say you had me giggling when a primitive lover such as yourself was having to crochet little doggie sweaters... and in acrylic and florescent colors at that! LOL! Sorry.
    Please, please don't apologize for taking time to do for others. That's what makes you the wonderful person you are! I'm just thrilled beyond words that we might be getting a new forum! Thank you so much for volunteering to do something so kind and obviously a bit difficult too. Wish I could help you... but the only code I know anything about is my zip code! :D
    Take care sweet lady... my thoughts and prayers continue for you.
    (((Prim Hugs)))

    1. I COMPLETELY understand why you were giggling -- they are totally NOT ME, right?!! :-D
      I'm ALMOST finished - UGH! - just 1 1/2 more to go!! I'm going to take pictures and show everyone what a horror I've been going through! LOL

      I'm going to post TOMORROW so I can keep crocheting.....
      And as always, THANK YOU, dear friend, for your thoughts and prayers! :-)

  4. Lisa Diane:
    Forgive me for laughing, but I think your situation is so crazy, funny! So it turns out that all 15 woman have dogs the same size, and want that bright color? Too much! But then, your DH does a lot for you in terms of your decorating, so I guess you owe him!

    I just got back from the state of Utah. Attended a family Wedding, up in the woods. The Wedding was beautiful. There was no time to shop, but I'd say that the state of Utah is just as much a "Prim desert" as California. Lots of quilt shops and things for a farmhouse or cabin in the woods look, but nothing Colonial that I have spotted.

    Thank you for your efforts to set up a new Forum. I do wish the APP magazine would reconsider the lack of a Forum. It seems logical that there would be one for like minded souls, just as before.

    Also wanted to mention that I still pray for your Pat. I do hope that you got to see her this past Summer. I think of you often, regarding Cheryl. Just the absence, and the silencing of her presence and voice is hard I would assume, based on my own experience with loss. I do have faith that she is in a better place. I wish she could somehow let you know that.

    Prim Hugs to get your through the week, and I hope at this writing you are finished with "that"
    unpleasant project! Cheryl (allthingscolonialathotmaildotcom)