Monday, September 15, 2014

HELP!!!....or, Forum Update (LOL)

Ok, I'm down to the final details of this forum, and I'm STUMPED!!!  Here is where I need some input, ladies!!!! :-D

I need to set up CATEGORIES for the posts, but I'm not sure what they should be!  I almost always posted in the "General" category on the APP forum, but I remember there being lots of other subject-specific categories on there.....I just don't remember what they were!!!!

So I'll list what I could think of, but I'm not going to set any of these up without input from everyone who wants this forum -- I truly have NO idea if these are good, helpful topics or not!

General (of course)

Decorating Ideas/Advice


Tutorials (but these would probably be in Crafts, right??)



Prim Projects

Pinterest (would we even NEED a special category for favorite pins or ideas from Pinterest??)

Home Pictures (I can't think of what it was called on APP, but where people posted pictures of their decorated homes)

Links/Favorite Prim Places

Members (where we could all put our names and a small intro/blurb about ourselves that would always be available for other members to see)

That's what *I* could think of -- but I'm not even set on having these, I was just trying to remember what the other Prim forums had.
And I never really liked having to post in certain categories on the forum, so maybe we only need 2 or 3 categories??  Or maybe more categories helps people find what they want to read about, and we need more??

So PLEASE.....everyone chime in with their thoughts and ideas about "Categories" -- did I miss anything?  Should there be more or less?  Is there anything that you would like to see discussed on a Primitive forum that we could make into a category??  Should these be titled differently?

I'm not moving forward with the forum until I get everyone's feedback so I can be confident it's being created the way everyone WANTS it to be.....

......So HELP!!!, my Prim-Forum Sisters!!!!! :-D


  1. I think the categories you have are terrific!
    Based on past forums I have been on you might consider adding these... or not. :)

    Forum Policies
    Prim Gatherings
    Prim Finds
    History, Legends and Lore

    Again, these are just thoughts from my little prim brain. LOL!
    (((Prim Hugs)))

  2. I think they all sound good. I wouldn't of remembered half of these. The tutorial is good. I think the pinterest one is great. We love pinterest. I only used a couple of the categories. I think if you have too many you might miss some things. I don't know why but I did that sometimes on the primitive place blog. I know I wouldn't be much help on giving advice but whatever you do will be just fine

  3. I think you are doing an amazing job for taking on this project. I have really missed chatting with everyone and getting inspiration from everyone's ideas and pictures.
    Maybe under Home we could list rooms:
    Living Rooms
    Laundry Rooms

    1. I LOVE this idea, I'll have to check and see if there's a way to do Sub-Categories!!

  4. I think it will work with a small number of categories, too. I am happy that you can figure this stuff out I am so illiterate when it comes to computer stuff.
    glad to see you getting back to your crafts and prims
    Love ya,

  5. So far all the categories are looking good. This is going to be fun. If you need any help that's if I can help just let me know. I am so sorry for not commenting on your dog sweaters. They are very cute. I do a couple of craft shows where this woman has 2 10x10 tents just full of dog stuff she makes. She does really well. People really get into dressing their dogs. Can't wait for the new forum

    1. This is GREAT feedback -- THANKS everyone!! :-) I'm so happy to get all your responses! I'm still waiting to hear from Karen, maybe I'll send her a quick email.... If I'm REALLY almost done and don't have some kind of programming to do at the end of all this (or some other unexpected surprise!), it's going to be SO FUN!!!!!

    2. I'm so excited, I'm doing the Prim Happy Dance!
      Lisa, I'm curious, have you decided what you're going to call the new forum, or is it a surprise? Thank you again for all you're doing for your prim friends! Still keeping you in my heart and prayers dear heart. <3

  6. Marsha Grace -- I HAVE decided, it's called A Gathering of Prim Loving Friends.....I hope that's not too sappy!! LOL And if anyone doesn't like it, it CAN be changed (somehow...), so LET ME KNOW IF WE SHOULD CHANGE IT! My first two choices didn't work (maybe already taken?), so that one was my next work-up --- I wanted to make it sound like what we are, a group of Primitive (Colonial) Lovers who want a forum to hang out together!!!! :-D LOL

    BUT, I'm definitely NOT personally connected to anything about what I'm creating, naming, picking, etc! So if there's anyone with better ideas of names or anything, I WELCOME that -- let us all know, and if everyone wants something changed, I'll happily change it!!!! :-D
    This isn't "MINE" for "ME".....this is for ALL of US, I'm just doing the put-together of it. So anything, ANYTHING that one of you might really want to change or add, just let me know (here or in an email) -- I'm open to any and ALL suggestions!!!! ;-)

    I send Karen an email this morning, so hopefully we'll hear from her SOON!

  7. I love the name for the forum. This has got to be so exciting for you. Just like your blog. I could never imagine making one. When you talk about the forum I can hardly wait for it.Everyone else seems to be very positive about it too

    1. It IS fun for me, Debra, because I feel like I'm doing something that will make lots of (my favorite!) people happy!! :-D AND because I want a forum to meet and share on, too!

      Oh, and PS -- you did NOT need to apologize for not mentioning those doggie sweaters, SILLY girl! I need no such coddling! ;-) I love reading all my comments, no matter what they are about!! You are always very generous with compliments to me about all my creations, so I'm always happy to read anything you comment on!!

      Besides, I knew you loved those sweaters.....who wouldn't....? *BLEGH!!!* LOL!