Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little Grungy Flower Pocket!!

.....Or at least that's what I THINK it is.....! :-D

I saw this on Pinterest a few days ago......
......and thought that I'd like to make one!  I have all the scraps around for it.....I DO want one!!! :-D

So I looked over our scraps from my cabinet and found one the perfect size, and I cut some squares of tea stained muslin I had, but they weren't grungy enough, so I dipped them into my "staining" mixture (paint/water), and it was perfect.....
See the difference?  GREAT look!!
Here's the wood piece I picked.....
It's already stained because it was for my cabinet, so it's ready!
I had Brian drill two holes for the twine, and tied the knots for a hanger......

I like it already!!!!! :-D
I used my new favorite hot glue gun to attach the muslin -- it worked GREAT!!

So cute already!! :-D
Now for something to put in it, I have some dried things around here I've been saving, but WAIT -- I know the perfect thing......Lavender!.....
Two years ago, I planted two lavender plants, and only one lived!  I keep forgetting that I have it back there!! LOL  Not this time, I think fresh lavender is just what this "pocket" needs! :-D
I clipped a few stems (they smell soooo good!)....
And you can see that I added a little "patch" to my muslin -- I just used fabric glue to stick a little square of fabric on there.  See my lavender stems?  I'm going to have to clip more for other stuff, they are so great!
All I did was stuff them in there.....
I LOVE it!!!  Can you see some writing on the top right of the fabric?  I used pencil to write "1883 Ida Ojerholm" on it (like the date on the Pinterest one) -- remember she was my great, great grandmother that got married in 1883??  I thought I'd write that on there in honor of her.....maybe she would have made a flower pocket like this back then....? :-)
It's hard to see in the picture -- in real life, I made it light, but you can read it.  I like it! :-)  I'm feeling really connected to her lately! LOL

Here it is, hanging up...... grungy little flower pocket!  It smells SO good, too!!
I'm going to make another one, once I get a different color stain.....I think I'll make that one for some pine stems and red berries....!!!  Oooooh! :-D

So I hope anyone who wants to make one of these can feel inspired by me posting this here!  It's really easy and takes only a few supplies, so everyone who likes them should have one. :-)

I had such a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend!!  Brian has to go back to work tomorrow, after being home since lunchtime on Wednesday.....I'll definitely miss him, but I have something great to look forward to -- his Christmas vacation and our NEW FLOOR!!!!  He'll have the whole week off, and we will get the new flooring down! :-D  Plus I'm going to pull out the Christmas stuff this week, and that's always exciting.....and don't worry.....I'll take pictures so everyone looking on my blog can watch me!! LOL ^-^


  1. I LOVE it! Especially with the personal touch penciled on it! I'm definitely hoping to make one for Christmas!

    1. THANKS, Christine!! :-D It was so easy and quick.....if you make one, I hope you post a picture for me to see how yours comes out!

  2. I have a similiar one but mine is burlap on a old shutter.Yours turned out wonderful looks like it came from a old cabin on the prairie.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Oh my gosh! This is something I can totally do using stuff in the apartment. I'm gonna make one this week and thanks so much for the easy to follow directions.

  4. Cute grungy flower pocket. Thanks for showing how to make one!