Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've Been Stitching!!!

Well, I thought I'd be dragging out my Christmas boxes this whole week, but all I've wanted to do is work on my penny rug projects!! LOL  I've been playing my Christmas music, and it has just been inspiring me to stitch!  I'm LOVING it!! :-D
I finished all the pennies for my mom's, and pinned them in their "spots"......
Now tomorrow I can start blanket-stitching them to the backing! :-D
ALSO, I've been having such fun stitching MY penny rug!! (remember it from a few posts ago, the triangle of single circles?)  I started with the dark green center.....
I pinned half of them so I could fit them in my hoop -- these are going right onto the black backing, so it would be easiest to use a hoop frame to keep them in the right positions!

I finished this first part tonight!! :-D  I will pin the rest of the dark green in place and work on them on and off with my mom's, unless I feel like finishing hers.....I probably will.  Getting those pennies on the backing will be quicker than doing mine!  And I'd like to get it to her by Christmas!  Since I am only using single circles for mine, I'm stitching a little star in the center of each one......
They will all have one, and I'm going to use the brown thread for every color circle -- it matches the brown that will be around the edge.  I am really enjoying this stitching!! :-D

For the rest of my week, appointments are threatening to detract from my happy for the kids and a knee doctor for Brian.  Nothing is serious, it's just NO FUN.  How can I play in my house if I'm running people around to appointments??? :-P  I'll be bringing my stitching with me, that's for sure!  I've done that many times before - stitching, crocheting, should see the funny looks I get while I'm working away on something in the waiting room! LOL  Actually, people love to look at what I'm doing and talk about it, their grandmother used to do it, or they made something when they were younger, etc.  One guy joked with me about it and said, "isn't there an app for that now?"....hahaha!!  I wonder if he knew that the reason it is so satisfying to DO these projects is because there ISN'T an "app" for them.....? 
*SIGH!!*  What kind of world will there be for my grandchildren???

One more day until Brian is home again!! :-D  This weekend we will be getting our tree and pulling all the decorations out!  Oh, fun fun fun!!  I can't wait to see all my Christmas treasures!! ^-^


  1. Wow! They're both coming on great!
    I'm stuck in the same spot this week running back and forth and very limited time to stitch! Aaaargh!
    Let's hope our kids find inspiration from hand made and not just hand held apps!
    Have fun,

  2. They are looking Lovely are one busy lady. Your Mom is going to love her gift, I just know it. The stitched stars on yours are the cutest... great idea.

    Have fun with the Christmas decorating....pulling it all out takes on a feeling of shopping, without spending a penny. ;D I too Love that.