Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I've Been Doing This Weekend.....


I had so many BIG plans for this weekend -- the most important one was that we were going to get our Christmas tree!!! :-D  I was SO excited, and then.....

I HURT MY SHOULDER!!! :-(  :-(  :-(

It has been sore since Thanksgiving, probably just from overuse, but Thursday night during my sleep, I twisted or pinched something and woke up in the middle of the night with terrible throbbing pain going down my arm and in my neck, and then some numbness in my fingers!!  THAT was scary for me, because having no experience with that before, I thought it could be a stroke or blood clot (I always go for the worst scenarios! LOL).  I went to the emergency room first thing in the morning Friday, and after 4 hours found out that it was a pinched nerve (duh!!) the fear was gone, but the terrible pain remained (and I felt a little traumatized by spending so long in the ER waiting room -- that place is not happy!)  So it threw off ALL my fun plans for this weekend!! :-(  I've basically been sitting on my couch (again! :-P), with Brian scurrying around popping pills in my mouth, bringing me drinks and fixing all the food for everyone (today we are having hot dogs and mac and cheese.....he's reverted completely back to his bachelor-days menus! :-P)
I've tried to cajole him into taking out the Christmas boxes, but he said they shouldn't be out for the whole week for our little monster (Minnie) to notice and "play" with!  He's right, but......I want my Christmas stuff!!!! :-(  
He was moved by my loud sigh, and he did set up my fake kitchen tree.....
It looks much more sparkly in real life, the camera isn't catching the right color of the lights, but you get the idea! :-D  He took out the little ornaments for me to hang on it this week, too, so I will have some fun with it!  I should start being able to move a little easier soon, I would think!  How long can muscles stay stiff?? 
What I love about looking at that picture is that next year when I set up my kitchen tree, my new floor will be in the picture (not the horrid white plastic floor)!!!  And that entry will be trimmed and maybe a stencil will be there too....! :-)

One bright spot is that I've been able to stitch while I've been sitting, so I'm coming along nicely with my two projects!!  My mom's is almost finished......
I have a few more pennies to sew on, and then I'll blanket stitch around the whole thing.....I want to use a backing, but I'm not sure how.....I don't want to use more wool, so maybe some of my tea-stained muslin?  We'll see!  I should be done with all the circles tonight.
And I've added the rest of the dark green pennies to mine.....
I also stitched ONE of the next row (cream) on there -- it was fun! :-D  I really love this one, and I can't wait to finish my mom's so I can fully focus on it! 
Of course, I've also been planning out another penny rug to make after these two are done.....I can't resist!!  The planning is half the fun to me! :-D  I'd like to duplicate a TRUE antique rug next time.  One that I found is really intriguing to me - it's from one of my Time Life Country books......
Sorry about the flash!  Can you see how the colors are all drab, and each penny has embroidery on it, instead of smaller pennies?  I love everything about it!! 
Here's another one that I LOVE.....
This one is wonderful!!!  I love the design and the colors!  Unfortunately, this is the only piece that I can find a picture of, so I'd have to decide on a pattern and any other, seven teensy circles sewn onto each one might be a bit off-putting!!
Here is another favorite, but it's not an antique.....
She designed it based on antique rugs she's seen, and I LOVE those colors!!  Gold, mustard, moddled gray, cream and mossy green.....*sigh!* - this might be my first-favorite!!! :-D

SOOOOO.....that's ALL I've been doing, after a whole week of planning great, fun things to do this weekend -- I've been side-lined with an uncooperative neck/shoulder! :-P  It's just so boring sitting here!! :-(
At least I do have my stitching, and I watched the whole six-hour BBC Pride and Prejudice (from 1995), which I LOVE, and now I'm watching some of Downton Abbey again.  I should be better SOON, so I'm hoping the second half of this week will be fabulous!!
I'll be back on if I start feeling better to make a list.....!!! ^-^


  1. Wow...Lisa this is horrible news. Trust me I know. Sure hope you get to feeling better real soon. Take care of yourself, the other things can wait. Sure do love how the penny rugs are coming along.

    Wonderful tree your DH has put up for sweet of him. Just had one of my DH's bachlor flashbacks myself, it was very good and comforting though. :)

    Again, Take care of yourself...and follow the doctor's orders. :-/ MMMMM HMMMMM, Right.


  2. Hi Marlene!!! :-D I am always so excited to see your comments!

    Today I woke up feeling less stiff (still sore), so I think I should be back to my normal self by this weekend! That has lifted my spirits really high! :-) I'm trying to take it all easy, and be still, but it's sooooooooooo booooooooring!!! :-P My mind is filled with great ideas, but.....back to stitching! LOL

    I would love to trade bachelor-hubby-stories sometime -- I bet we'd be laughing and smiling at our dear ones! Aren't they SO lucky that we found them?? :-D hee hee hee!!

    Hugs from me too!

  3. I love those penny rugs! I hope your shoulder is feeling better.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder and numbness in your fingers. That is a scary thing to happen. I wonder if you've ever tried a therapeutic massage? Not one of those spa 'relaxation' massages, but a real, deep tissue, strong massage. I've hurt my lower back to the point I could not take a step, get in or out of a car without my husbands assistance and each time, a massage has cured me. One time it scared my husband so badly, he wanted to take me to the ER, too! I work as an Orthopedic nurse 3-4 nights a week and a massage would definitely be my first course of action. I hope you try it to relieve your pain.