Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guess What I'm Doing....AGAIN.....!!

And of course, like the rest of this Christmas Season That Wasn't, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS!!!! :-P

Here's a hint......

If you guessed "Saving More Abandoned Puppies" are RIGHT!!!

These are MORE puppies from my neighbor's dogs, but the difference is that one of the wives over there asked me to help her find homes for them (thank God!).  Still, these puppies were born outside and have only lived OUTSIDE for their whole short lives.  I think it's barbaric to leave tiny baby domestic animals outside in every kind of weather!  But the great news is that I found a home for each of them in two days!! :-D  Right now we only have one left, he is here in the house with us tonight, and I'm bringing him to a new owner tomorrow morning!!  YAY!
Oh, but he is SO ADORABLE......
*Sigh!!*  He's like a bean bag when you hold him, he just totally relaxes and slumps into your arms or lap!

So after Christmas, I'm really going to start pressuring them over there to get their dogs FIXED.  I'll tell them I'll drive them if they need it, I'll get the forms so they can use the low-cost spaying that our county offers, whatever they need.  I mean, I can't stand this!!

Now, you realize that this all came down upon me two days ago, and I've been on my computer emailing potential owners constantly since then, and on the phone too, and I've made four drives out and about meeting these people to bring them the dogs.....and I'm supposed to be getting the kitchen ready for the flooring!!  Well, looks like that's going to be delayed by a day -- not that it matters, that's what Brian said.  He is so supportive and helpful about this puppy stuff, and I'm so glad I'm married to someone who agrees that we have to do whatever we can to help needy animals!  I mean, he's a cat person!!  And we have four dogs now! LOL

SO.....Christmas is in a few days, I have none of my decorations out (except the tree), I have kitchen flooring stacked against my family room wall, I have family room furniture scrunched together to make room for my kitchen furniture that will be moved out of the kitchen tomorrow, I don't have my Christmas shopping finished for my kids -- they are only getting 4 small things each, but I still can't manage to GET them! -- I have had puppies scampering all over my house for two days, I haven't even planned our Christmas dinner yet -- well, I have the ham, but what are we having WITH it?? -- oh, and did I mention I don't have any of my favorite decorations out, the ones I look forward to seeing every year???  Yeah, there's no way this is Christmas!!! LOL

Now one fun thing is that the day before puppy-mania descended on us, I spent the whole day baking cookies for Brian to bring to work!  I LOVE doing that, and Brian loves when I do it, too!! :-)  I think he's proud of me when he gets to bring the cookies in and everyone there loves them.  He works for a heavy equipment company (they build construction vehicles), so it's all men, and you know that none of them are bringing in food to share!  It gives me a really happy feeling to do something special like that for all of them.  And I love baking, especially cookies, and I have some TERRIFIC recipes....
Here is my first batch going into the oven -- they are Peanut Blossoms, peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss on them!  YUM!!
All done with these!!  It's so hard not to eat them all! :-D
Here are two more kinds we love....
The top are Chocolate Crinkles (they have powdered sugar on them!), and the plain-looking cookies on the bottom are Almond cookies -- they look plain and boring, but they are delicious!
These are the best cookies, and always get eaten up first -- Oatmeal Gingersnaps.....
They have white chocolate chips in them!  If you like ginger cookies, you've GOT to try these!!!  I'll post the recipe in my next post!! :-D
These are some of Brian's favorites.....
They are Chocolate Carmelita Bars, from the Taste of Home website.....all I can say is WOW!!
These are the last batch I made, Italian Cookies.....
I use homemade frosting and red, green, and plain sugar crystals.  They have ricotta cheese in them!!  It makes them soft and cake-like!  My daughter had fun frosting them and dipping them in the sugars with me!! :-D

So you can see I made a bunch of cookies!  It took all day, but it was so worth it.  I still have left-over batter to make them fresh for us....YUMMY!!

Well, I've taken the tiny puppy outside to go to the bathroom, and I'm ready for bed!  Phew!!  I'll be glad to get back to normal around here....well, after the puppy is gone, and then after the kitchen floor is done....oh, and after Christmas, and after cleaning up and putting things back, and.....WAIT -- I guess there's no real normal around here, is there??? LOL ^-^

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  1. aren't they ever so Adorable. Someone is going to have a wonderful CHRISTmas present this year. They are just precious and I know they are so happy you and DH came into their lives. I am too. ;-)

    Those cookie treats really looks Yummy. Almond cookies are one of my FAV. :D

    What IS Normalcy. Guess I will never know either. :DDDD