Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a COLD Christmas!!!!

**MORE trouble with blogger!! :-P  This post was supposed to post on Sunday afternoon!!  Now I have to wait to do my NEXT post that I wanted to do todayGGRRR!!  Sorry!**


I am so excited because we got a different kind than I've ever had before.....we got a Douglas Fir!!!  The needles are longer than the trees we have always had, Frasier Firs, and it smells more piney in the house! :-D
The best part is that they were $10 cheaper than the same size Frasier Firs -- YAY!!

BUT.....tell me, is there anything wrong with this picture......???
See what he is wearing????  I had jeans on, but short-sleeves and flip-flops too!  And I could have taken a picture of the family in the next row tying on their Christmas tree, but I didn't want to be creepy -- THEY all had short-sleeves and shorts on, too!!  To this New England girl, it was like being in the Bizarro World Christmas!!! :-P

Here it is at home, in it's spot.....
(notice the very nice walls behind it.....)(LOL -- I couldn't resist!)
The branches still need to fall, so we'll decorate it later.  It smells SO GOOD!!! :-D
See how soft it looks?  Look at the needles.....
That's twice as long as other fir trees!!  I've never seen a Douglas Fir before today, and I think it's my new favorite, must-have Christmas tree!  I can't wait until we decorate it....!! :-D

This has been such a FUN weekend for me -- I didn't get any of my list-projects done, but my doctor's appointment went well on Friday (my shoulder still hurts, but the numbness is gone, and I got a prescription for a different muscle relaxer that works great without making me drowsy or loopy!), and yesterday (Saturday) we went to the thrift store and I found some great wool sweaters - great colors!!......
Those are ALL wool, and cost between $1.25 and $3.....WOW!!  I can't beat that! :-D  I only felted them, I didn't pick the seems all apart.....it didn't seem necessary with soft sweaters.  All I need to do is cut out the pieces that I want.  Here they are after I felted them in the wash......
See how small they are now?! LOL  And they are SO SOFT.....I almost want to make a blanket out of them!
I found another treasure at the thrift store.....
.....a little wooden sled!!!!  It's so cute, and perfect -- I'm going to paint and distress it!!  Just wait until you see it when I'm done! :-D

The final fun thing this weekend was that I moved on to the last phase of my penny rug -- the edge row. 
I stitched on all the light green row pennies, and then I pinned all the brown circles down, and tried to think of how to best cut the black around them.....YIKES!!
I sat and looked at it for a day, and then just did it.......
First I cut it close, and then I went back and shaped it around each penny....
It was nerve-wracking!!! LOL  I made a few mistakes, but I fixed them the best I could, and I don't think they will show at all when I do the stitching.  Hey, this is part of the charm of hand-made antiques -- nothing looks as perfect as when a machine does it, right?!  I just have to keep that in mind, because as an ultra-perfectionist with myself, I'm not satisfied unless my work DOES look like a machine made it! :-P
So I guess this is all good for me, having to accept and even embrace my mistakes......Oh PHOOEY!!!  Where are my scissors???!!  Haha! ;-)

I love the look from the back......
All the little stitches almost look like their own embroidery design!  I'm not sure what to do with the back of this one.....should I put a backing on it, like my mom's?  Or just leave it like this?  I'm not sure.  There's no way I could iron a proper edging around all those half-circles!  Hmmm.....something to think about.....

And oh, I've already picked out my next penny rug I want to make!  I'm already gathering and comparing wool colors for it!! :-D  Oh yeah, I'm obsessed!! (for now!)

I am so excited about decorating the tree later!!  I am also really hoping the air will cool down about 20 degrees, so it at least feels like Christmas (kind of!) -- I mean, this weather probably feels like the real day that Christ was born, but it's still a damper on getting into the Christmas spirit!  I'll feel better when the tree is all done and I have my carols playing, and the rest of my decorations out.

Oh I can't WAIT to show everyone!! ^-^


  1. I'm like you - Christmas equals cold, frost and even snow, not shorts and T shirt weather!!

    But the tree is so PERFECT! I have fake trees - oh well I still love decorating it!
    And the penny mat is AMAZING! WAy to go it is lovely!
    Best wishes

  2. Lisa ~ To be honest with you...I don't know what CHRISTmas weather is suppose to be like...I've experienced so many weather condition during this time of the year. But, I actually enjoy the sunny and warm days as a child, but the cold snowy and icy day or two were shocking but much fun. The weather is not so important to me, as long as we have the LOUD Family Fun we always do.

    Beautiful tree by the way. I've learned so much from you Lisa....you have no idea. :)

    Now, for that Penny Rug. GORGEOUSSSSSS!!!!! I Absolutely love it. I would love to (here I go again ;-/ ) make one, but if I do, I would have to go back read and look at all your posting along the way. I have plenty of wool, not sweaters, but jackest - skirts - pants from when I was to make a hooked rug. I think I'm still going to do this though....something small like a mat and trust me, there will be plenty of imperfections throughout. :D If you as why, I will say, "That's the way I intended for it to be." :D

    Now, if I could only manage my time ALOT better. ;-)

    Happy to read you are feeling better too, it really helps to enjoy all the fun during the next few days.