Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm BACK!!!!

SHEESH!!!!  I feel like I've been gone forever!  I haven't had any internet since the day after my last post!! :-P
We live on a dead-end dirt road, and someone comes twice a year to grade it.....well, this year, he cut the wire that is buried along the side of the road (accidentally), and they had to dig it up and re-lay the wire!!!!!  SO ANNOYING! 

I'm SO HAPPY to have my computer back!! :-D 
I did plenty of things all week, too, and took pictures, so I guess my next post will be really long! LOL  I'm not going to post now, because I have to make lunch for my kiddos and I'm making applesauce AND I'm going to bake some more (faux) gingerbread cookies, but I'll be posting tonight with some pictures.....I'll have the step-by-step pictures of the twine candy canes, too! :-)

So check back later for some fun pictures! ^-^


  1. Happy to see you're back. Wish I had 1/2 the motivation you have in accomplishing task. And, even taking advantage of this down time from the computer. And, here I am thinking you were able to discipline yourself, and take time away. I'm realizing, I sure need to take some down time from it. ;-/

    1. It's GREAT to see you here, Marlene! I could never discipline myself away for that long! LOL I will say that it was nice to be "unplugged" for that little bit, and I got so much accomplished, but now I'm ready to play online again!! :-D
      I'll be back on the APP board tomorrow, so hopefully I'll see you there!