Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some FUN Things!!!

I have a few fun things I want to show everyone!!! :-D

Last weekend, we stopped at Habitat For Humanity so Brian could look for something (I didn't really pay attention to what it was! LOL), and look what I found.....
An ugly jewelry box!  YAY!!  It has red velvet drawers and a wind-up music box in back that doesn't work.....but all I could see was a little chest with three long drawers....Oooooh!!! :-D
It was $3.50, so I grabbed it!

Here at home, I pried off the ugly little drawer pulls, and filled the teensy holes with putty.....
I thought about a single wooden knob in the center of each drawer, but I wanted something different, so I thought about these.....
PERFECT!!!  Except they were a little too tall, so I had Brian shave off a little of the bottoms.....
Just right!! :-)
I was planning on painting it, maybe a dark brown or green.  But when I sanded the front of the drawers to smooth the wood putty, I liked the look!  The finish sanded off very easily, and I made sure to get ALL of the ugly gold lines off......

Yeah, I wanted to keep it like this!!  I did want to stain over it a little, and I knew exactly which stain I was going to use.....
That is "Jacobean" -- I can only get it at a tiny little hardware store that is only open three days a week!!  I found it by accident while I was there with Brian -- what luck!! :-D
I was looking everywhere for it, because it's one part of an aging process for wood that I saw on Pinterest -- I can't wait to try that!

But anyway, back to my little chest!
I rubbed the stain over the whole chest and drawers, and then the knobs.....

After everything dried, I glued the knobs on and put the drawers back in, and it was DONE....
I LOVE IT!!! :-D
Here's a better angle.....
PERFECT!!!  I am loving my growing collection of little "spice chests", or drawer chests!  And I can always paint it, if I get tired of it like this.....but I like having a mixture of painted and stained pieces, so I think I'll always love it like this! :-)

I also found some fabric there (at Habitat) too.....

It's TWO yards, and you can see it was $1!!!!  WOW!  I think it's a kind of linen, see the up-close picture of the weave?  I think it would be great for embroidery, or rug hooking, or even backing my penny rugs, or even curtains!!  I was thrilled to see this there!  TWO treasures in one place!! :-D

I also want to show you my new cookie cutters - I got them on ebay, and paid $8 TOTAL (includes shipping) for them......
Aren't they GREAT!?!!  I LOVE the two trees -- I'll be using them next year for gingerbread ornaments!  And a primitive Santa is in the bottom-center -- see it's a side-view of him, with his pack over his shoulder!!  LOVE him!  And then I have two bunnies, a primitive shaped one, just above the Santa, and then the other one, along with a lion and horse.  I LOVE bunnies, especially prim-shaped!  I've never liked crows in my primitive decorating.....maybe it's from seeing them eating dead, squashed animals in the road, or watching them peck Cardinals off of my bird feeders (that's when I send Puppy outside to scare them off!).....crows aren't very nice creatures!  Bunnies are cute and sweet, and so quiet....and they have a great silhouette for adding them to rugs or stencils, etc.
So I am SO excited that I got TWO bunny cutters!! :-D

This weekend is going to be fun, I think -- I am going to have a little extra money, and I am planning on buying some wood!  For what, I'm not sure yet.....maybe for the floor, or maybe for a dry sink that I want to build for my kitchen!!! (don't tell Brian! Hee hee hee!!!)

Either one will make me VERY happy! :-D  It has been a difficult January for me here, some extra worries (my neighbor), and NO extra money after any paydays.  But I've been positive about it all, I know that money problems come and go, so it won't last forever; and I've enjoyed helping my neighbor and spending more time with her.  We are thinking about what herbs we want for an herb garden behind my house this year!  We want some healing herbs, and some decorative herbs!! :-D

Now as our financial constraints loosen a little, I am itching to get my wood floor started!  I've thought and planned about it so much that I know exactly every step I will take with it!!  So it should be VERY smooth going!  And just WAIT until you see how great it looks!!! :-D

So check back this weekend.....if you see a post with a giant smily-face in the title, you'll know that I got my wood!!!! ^-^


  1. Very nice little chest. Do you use it as a 'spice chest'? And if so, how? I think that's very interesting. I hope you begin the wood floor soon. I can't wait to see the steps you've planned in detail, then the finished product.

    1. Thanks, Bernadine! I don't really use any of my little drawer chests for spices, although I DO toy with the idea of doing that someday....!! I couldn't with this one for sure, though, because I couldn't get the velvet lining OUT of the drawers! :-P It was backed with cardboard that was glued into the whole it stays!! LOL

      I can't wait to get this wood floor going, it will make a HUGE difference!! :-D

  2. Oh great job on the jewelry box makeover! I wish I could find nice pieces like that!!!
    And the fabric was a bargain too! I can see lots more penny rugs in the making!
    Have fun!
    PS Your positive attitude is the best way to go!

    1. Thank you, Christine!! :-D
      I always love reading your comments and your blog....your attitude is very uplifting and contagious! I love how we can all help eachother with that -- I love the COMMUNITY feeling that bloggers share! It's SO much better than Facebook (for me!)!! LOL