Saturday, February 16, 2013

WHAT THE......

......HECK is going on here.....????

Can you believe this???  I was 60 degrees outside yesterday -- I didn't even wear my sweater at one point, because the sun felt so nice!!! LOL

It started innocently enough.....
I saw these little white flakes and laughingly told Brian, "hey, it's snowing! Hahaha!!", as I took a quick picture so I could post it on my blog, making a joke about snow in the south, blah blah, some smug little blurb -- because I've been planning on starting seedlings this week, because it's been SO beautiful out!!  Well, this shows you what I know......
Ok, you can STOP now....!!!!  LOL
Isn't it so pretty, though?! :-D  Once I realized we were really getting snow, I ran around the house, clicking on all the window candles that I've stubbornly kept in the windows waiting for just such an occasion!!  And then we lit a fire in the fireplace!  Let the snow-fun begin!!!! :-D

At the heaviest snowfall point, we heard something I've NEVER heard before, in my life -- THUNDER!!!!  Can you believe that???  I didn't know that ever happened, but apparently it's something called "thundersnow", and can occasionally occur in unstable snow/storm clouds.....which are mostly in the South! LOL  So that was pretty neat!! :-D

The snow fell hard and fast -- we got about 3.5 inches in just under 2 hours!
The kids - and DOGS - loved it!!!  They spent the whole time outside eating it - both kids and dogs! - just like they used to do when they were VERY little and we still lived in Massachusetts!!  Now that they are older, and snow is so much rarer here, they put out my cooking pots to catch as much snow as they can to eat!! LOL

Of course, we had to make SNOW CREAM, that southern staple during snowfalls!! :-D
Start with a large bowl of clean snow.....
.....get your other ingredients together.....
......sugar, cream, vanilla -- SOOO simple!!
Sprinkle the sugar on the snow, and stir it in......

For a bowl this size I use between 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sugar.  Look at how smooth all the clumped snow gets when the sugar is mixed in!
Get the cream and vanilla ready.....
I started with 1 cup of cream and 2 teaspoons of vanilla -- you don't have to use CREAM, you can use milk of any kind if you want it "lighter"....the vanilla should stay the same, if you like it!
Pour it in and stir that around......
You can see that 1 cup wasn't quite enough!  Just pour a little more in at a time....I ended up using almost the whole pint to get the consistency that we like!
Spoon it into cups and eat it!! :-D  It tastes like very cold vanilla ice cream!  Quick and yummy!!!

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, now.....the snow stopped hours ago, around 5:30pm, but the news was scrolling a whole bunch of church closings and after-church-event closings -- will the food stores be open if we go there?  It's going to be around 20 degrees tonight and only around 30 by noon tomorrow.....not warm enough to melt slick roads, and they don't sand them very well, especially the secondary roads, that WE travel!!  And I need to do my food shopping tomorrow -- this storm has caught me completely unawares! LOL

Oh, but it is so pretty to be surrounded by snow-covered trees......

They are so pretty!!  We didn't get ANY snow last year, so this does make me happy!  It makes me especially happy because it's supposed to be 55 degrees again by Monday!! Hahaha!  So we can enjoy it while it lasts! :-D

I wish I had any kind of project to report......I just DON'T.  I haven't done ANYTHING lately, anything with the house or in the house, at least.  I still haven't been home enough this week to get anything planned, nevermind started, so my project-hiatus continues. :-(
I love looking over my favorite blogs and Pinterest and picture trails at night, though!!  I am finding some neat plans, but they will have to wait for now.  And I want to thank Barbara for all her emails, with all her ideas and patterns that she loves!!!  They have been some of the fun things I look at online, that lift my spirits!  I am definitely wanting to make that horse you emailed -- you were right, Barb, it's exactly what I was looking for!! :-D  Now to get the materials together and get started.....! ^-^


  1. Oh girl I'm so jealous right snow cream haven't had that since I was little and pappy made it for us.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. love the pics glad you like the snow, I could do without.
    I used to make snow cream for my kids too. love the little spice box nice job!