Thursday, February 28, 2013


Oh boy, I am getting SO sick of my internet!!!!  I had some great things to post about this past week (finally!) and I actually got one post mostly finished, before.....wait for MODEM died!!! 
Remember.....this is my NEW modem that I got awhile ago because my last modem died!  At least it is under warranty, so they sent me a new one - for free!! :-D -- and I just got it today and got it set up!!

Sooooo......I'M BACK!!!! :-D

I'm sure people were starting to worry -- heck, even my (ONE!) sister who reads my blog actually called to make sure I was ok!! LOL  Thanks Amy! ;-)

So now, I have to clean up my emails (I have about 700 unread emails to go through! - I am on way too many lists!!) - email back any friends that are waiting for me, then check out my favorite forum - A Primitive Place, and my favorite blogs, and finish up that post that is almost finished, then....I think it will be time for breakfast tomorrow!!! Hahaha! :-D 

I AM very happy to have my internet back again.....I'm wondering how many other things I can have go wrong with my internet???  At least it wasn't a bad COMPUTER!!!  I wouldn't be able to replace THAT as quickly! :-)

I really missed my internet this week, and not just because I like to email and blog (at least I don't do facebook and tweets/whatever they are!) -- but I use my internet now for all kinds of things: recipes, news stories, advice about cleaning products, ideas about patterns I am looking for; not to mention PINTEREST!!   I found it very hard to be without my Instant Encyclopedia and favorite picture catalog for four days!!!

Anyway, I'm here again, finally, and I'LL BE BACK.....with a real post, the one I started last Sunday night!  It's a good one!! ^-^

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