Friday, March 1, 2013

Past Posting..... :-)

*****This is the post I wrote last Monday, February 25th.....I'm not going to change it, because it was mostly finished before.....just imagine that you are reading it last Monday!!! LOL*****

I had a really nice weekend, which I'm so glad of, because it started out kind of neighbor went to the ER on Thursday night, because she was feeling faint and dizzy!  I didn't find out until FRIDAY MORNING, because her kids (teenagers!) didn't call me!!!  She called me Friday morning from the ER, just as I was getting ready to go over to her house.....I was shocked and scared for a moment, but she told me that she was FINE (phew!!), she was just anemic, actually severely so!  So she got super-duper iron pills, and got to go home Friday.  They kept her overnight because of her health issues, just in case.  She went to the ER because she was worried that she was having a heart attack -- which would have been awful -- but now she knows that her heart is fine, perfect even, so that is some good news.  She has a great attitude about everything, she is so positive and upbeat -- even when she is nervous or hears bad news, she takes it in stride and makes a plan to deal with whatever it is.
So, as much as I've been doing with her and for her (which isn't much, at all!), SHE is actually a blessing to ME!! :-)

This week will be quieter for me, because her sister is here visiting from PA!  So I'm trying to cram as much as I can get done into this week!! :-D

Last Thursday, I finally cleaned out my craft/sewing/storage room!!  It has been getting piled up with my STUFF for almost a year!  Oh, it feels GREAT to have that done.....I can actually see what I'm looking at in there now!!!
I took picture of it last month to show everyone what I was dealing with, but I was waaaay too ashamed to post those.....until I got it cleaned up!!  Now you can see how much I've accomplished!!! :-D
Here is BEFORE.......

.....and here is AFTER.......
And actually, looking at these pictures, you can't really see much of a difference, but if you were IN that room, you could tell!!  That table on the left and the floor on the right were covered with tons of little tiny things and single pieces of fabric, wood, paints, pins.....there were toys and comic books from my kids under there, and lots of my dried floral bunches that I had purchased over the past two years, as well as my grapevine wreaths just plopped on top!!  It was a disaster!!!
Now, as the bottom picture shows, it's more of an organized disaster!! LOL  Well, really, I have so much "stuff", of all kinds, that I'm always going to have shelves and boxes stacked and filled with it all!  But as long as I can get that stuff organized together, it's not a MESS!!! :-D

So in there, I still want to clean off my sewing table (far back, right) and get the rest of my different fabrics sorted (chair next to sewing table AND under the table on the left!), but now I can walk in there and FIND THINGS......*Sigh!!*  What a great feeling!

I want you to look at the walls and window of this room, too.....notice the color of the walls, the "straps" that are spaced around and in the corners, the unfinished window.....the COLOR of the walls.....!!!  THIS is what the whole house looked like when we first moved in 8 years ago.....can you believe it???  This is a manufactured home, which means the original owners CHOSE the walls to be this color -- someone actually wanted to look at walls like this!!!!  I mean, I understand that some people love white everywhere so they feel clean or bright or for some reason, but I didn't last a month in here before I was painting the walls -- ANYTHING!!!  It was just devoid of ANY color (except a light blue swirl pattern that somehow made it all look whiter), and my senses were screaming for everything to be warmer and cozy! :-D  I felt like I was in an institution! :-P

This room will probably be the last room I work on in the whole house.  I want our main living area done FIRST, then I will move on to our bedrooms (hopefully after this summer! :-D), and then the bathrooms!  I might even do more with the outside before I think about my craft room!! LOL  At least the walls are covered up with all my "STUFF"!!!  Haha!

The highlight of my weekend was that Brian brought me to my favorite little primitive shop on Saturday!!!!  I got a few little treasures, and I just LOVE them! :-D
I got the Special Home Tour edition of Country Sampler, a 2013 calendar with Primitive pictures in it (on clearance!!), and best of all, I got these two things......
That's a woven table runner in navy and brown, and a wonderful large scoop!!!  It's made of resin and wood, so it's not a "real" antique, but it's SO neat, I don't care! :-D  I can't wait to find a place for it!!!

Another thing I saw, that I loved was this dress.....
It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's a black check, and it has a yoke neck and collar!  It's the perfect "prairie" dress I've been looking for!!  Although, I'm not sure if it's just a decoration or if I could really wear it! LOL  I wish I had the pattern for it.....I've been looking online for something similar, but I might just end up having to make one up for myself!!  I would LOVE to buy this so I could wear it -- I WOULD!! :-D  But it was $28, and I can't resist making one for myself for a fraction of that price.....!  Isn't it wonderful??? :-)

So the weather around here has been pretty lousy -- it's been cloudy or rainy all week, and it's supposed to continue through this week....BLAH!! :-P  I'm ready for some sun!  I did end up getting the first board for my wood, but with the bad weather, I haven't had a chance to do a thing to it!!  All this time waiting for the wood, to now be stopped by the weather!  UGH!!
So as soon as I get started on that, I'll have something to show you..... *sigh!*

BUT, I'm not going to dwell on that!  I had such fun this weekend, and I'm hoping it will continue this week, even if the weather is gray, at least I can LOOK at my first wood floor pieces!!  AND my clean craft room -- I think it's time to get in there and dig around in my wool again!
OH!  And in my next post, I have a few special things I want to show everyone.....!!! ^-^

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