Sunday, March 24, 2013


I got THE BEST surprise from Brian today!!!!!  It's my new CLOSET DOOR!!!!!  Yippee!!!!! :-D

I am SO happy and it looks SO good!!! :-D  It was such a surprise because I only grabbed the wood yesterday as an afterthought, because I wasn't going to be able to urethane my floor boards in this nasty cold rain we've been having, and I just kind of remembered, "hey -- I'll want to get the closet door done when the floor is done, so why don't I paint the wood"!  Brian has been avoiding even discussing a new closet door there.....I heard something about "it won't look good", "I have too many other things to do right now", "why don't you finish a few of your other projects before starting a new one" (that's one I hear ALOT! LOL), etc, etc, etc!!  So I didn't have ANY hope that he would put it together.  I just asked him if he would cut the boards for me so I could paint them and then they would be waiting for whenever he felt like putting them together....and he DID!! :-D

Here is my BEFORE picture of the closet door......
You might remember it from previous posts -- I just could never get myself to finish painting it once I knew I wanted a different door!  I didn't want to do the work, and I especially didn't want to waste the paint!! LOL  So I've been looking at it like this for MONTHS! :-P  But it was mostly ok, because this is the room that needs the wood floor, so there is LOTS to look at and go "UGH!" in here!  I knew that I would have to have this door replaced when the floor was done!! :-D

Here is my wood, getting painted.....
I just LOVE this dark red!! (Plantation Red by Old Village Paints, color-matched at Lowes!)  I only put on one coat, saving the second coat for when it's put together and hung.

When Brian said he would work on it today, I almost jumped up and down, I was so happy!! (that would have scared him, I think! Haha!!)  I couldn't believe I was getting one of my little projects done! :-D

We had to attach a "batten" to each end, to hold the boards in place, and to use for the hinges.....
Then, the top had to be cut so it was perfectly even.....
The door is turned over to do this.  I'm not sure why...... LOL
Then, the hinges are put on and it's hung in it's place......
Just needs a little more paint.....and.....
VOILA!!!!  Now, it still needs a full second coat of paint (as does the inner door frame), but doesn't it look great?!!!  And so much better than the original, "normal" door!
If you look closely at the bottom, right of this picture, you can see that I've got a pretty tall stack of stained boards there now.  That's the other thing I got done this weekend -- all the boards I had cut are stained! :-D  Now I only need TWO more pieces of plywood cut up, and stained, and then everything urethaned!!  I'm actually hoping I can get to that this week (when I'm not ferrying those poor dogs to rescues to be saved) -- URETHANING the boards!!  It's been very bad luck weather-wise since I've started, but I'm hoping this week will be alright!  We shall see....!!

So that is my very exciting, very happy project news to share! :-D  Something to cross off my list -- YAY!!! 

I think in my next post I'll make a list of VIPs -- Very Important Projects -- which would be things I really want to get finished first.  Then, maybe being accountable will help me fight my procrastination....???  It's worth a try!  And of course, I LOVE making lists!!! :-D

So for the rest of the night I'm going to be gazing over at my new door.....*sigh!*  It looks SO good over there now.....and if the wood floor was done it would look PERFECT!!! ^-^


  1. Hi Lisa, I LOVE,LOVE your new closet door and the color I am drooling over it!!!!
    It is beautiful. Your Hubby did a great job!
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. Lisa, your new door is just GREAT!
    You must be very pleased.
    I will be moving soon and I hope to incorporate some personal touches
    to my new space too.
    Hope you get that weather that will allow you to finish your project!


  3. Just beautiful!
    I so adore a handy hubby. and to be surprised like that :)

  4. Oh, I love it! Love it! Love it! I want some of those! So muchly more country! Way to stick out and push for that one! (Oh, I did the start painting and stop thing once. Had 3 shades of beige on my window for a year. Couldn't decide on a color or find the time to finish it.)

    Looking good, dear!