Friday, March 15, 2013

I Got Started!!!

This is going to be GREAT!!!!!  I got started on my wood!! :-D  (Thanks in part to a lightening bolt that Barbara struck me with!  Thank you, Barb!! LOL)

I am not going to post very long, because it's late and I'm tired, and I'll add more details tomorrow, but I just HAD to post the GOOD NEWS.....I've kicked aside my non-motivation, and got down to working on my wood floor! :-D

Remember the pile in my last post, the untouched pile.....well, I got half of those pieces sanded down today! :-D  It was a perfect day for this kind of work too, sunny but cooler (50s!)......
I did the sanding on my front porch, and you can easily see how the top piece has already been sanded and the bottom piece is next!  I did 10 eight-foot pieces, and by the end (and now, too!) my arms were pretty worn out and sore!!  Oh, but it was SOOOO worth it.......!
There is my new stack of sanded is waiting for the others and then the staining and urethane!  THAT won't make my arms tired!! :-D

In my next post, I'll write more about my process for doing the floors this way, so anyone who reads this can do it if they want to -- I highly recommend it! :-)

Before I go, I want to show you what other little things have been being considered around here, while I have had to wait for some free time and stuff -- Oh, they are fun too!!! :-D
First, I've been waiting a full year for these......
THAT is a punched tin panel in a rust finish!  Do you know what I have been dreaming of doing with that??......
YIPPEE!!!  Covering those ugly glass cabinet doors!! :-D  You can see that there will need to be some modifications on the doors -- the panels don't cover the glass exactly so we'll trim them out, the knobs will have to be moved, and the cabinets are going to be repainted (remember?) -- but WHAT a difference they will make in here, don't you think?  I can't wait to get them on!!!

Can you guess what these are?......
They are ONION SKINS!!! :-D  Anyone who has been looking at Cee's Penny Rug blog (I've GOT to get a link in my sidebar for it! :-{ ), knows that she makes the most wonderful "aging" dye for her penny rugs using onion skins, and now I'M going to try making some too!  It seems simple enough, and ooooh, the results!!  I'm going to get some more skins from the stores this weekend, that should be enough to work on it this week -- FUN, FUN, FUN!! :-D

And try and just guess what I'm up to with these.......
Hahaha!!  Well, I got an idea in my head, grabbed a little hand saw, and found the exact wild pine trees in my woods to cut these from!  Can you guess what the idea is....? :-D  I want to make hanging candle holders out of them!!!!  AWESOME, right?!!  I've seen them on Picture Trails and Pinterest, and in my magazines, so I knew I could have my own if I just looked around my woods a little.....and Voila!! LOL  I still have to work on them a little, clean them up and smooth them, but I've been hiding them from Brian! Haha!!  He'll think I'm crazy, and I'd rather him see them when they are nice and finished -- he won't be able to resist liking them when he sees how good they look! :-D

So I HAVE been toying with a few fun things in my limited spare time, and I'm pretty excited about all of them.  But getting my wood floor down is my PRIMARY priority!  It's GOT to be -- I've got furniture and other wonderful items just waiting for their special places in that room!  Plus it will be SO FABULOUS to have it finally finished.....I can't even think about it without smiling (I'm smiling right now! :-D)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, like me!!!  There's going to be some great pictures to see on Sunday, I think!! ^-^


  1. Hooray for you!! Can't wait to see that floor. Your other project looks so cool too. Go, you!! ZAP :) Barb

  2. It all starts with the first step!
    Now you are started you will get to the finish line. Yay!
    I love the tin panels they are going to,look great!
    Keep us posted on your candle holders I like the use of natural things to decorate. Our ancestors would be proud.

  3. in case you don't know who Elaine is it is duntie

  4. Love the tin panels! Love rust! How can you not!? Oh my, but the candle holders. I sooooo love this. I need to find a tree to chop and look for it on Pinterest! Thank you for sharing!!!!!! I want to see how they turn out!

    Love it, Girl!