Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Phew, I'm SO glad that last week is OVER!!  My last child got sick on Friday, with a fever and terrible stomach-ache (he slept most of the day), that lasted for about three days -- he didn't throw up either (like me), so he felt lucky about that.  I, myself, didn't start to feel normal until Sunday.....even though I was able to eat, I just continued to feel weak and tired the whole time! :-P

So what other deterrents to my PLANS do you think can appear???  How much longer can I go on NOT accomplishing one thing on my lists??  UGH!!  It's soooo frustrating!  But there are still going to be drains on my "free time" -- my neighbor is starting her heavy-duty treatments next week, and they have decided to do them weekly on her (not monthly, like they originally said).  So I have put myself ON CALL for her then, day or night.  We've been brainstorming about herbs and vitamins and other things to build up her body's defenses, so she is hopeful that she won't be too sick through her treatments, but you just never know until you're going through it.  I am praying with all my heart and soul that she is on the path to complete healing!!!

I am finding it very hard to switch back to joyful creativity after watching her go through all this.  I've done some little things at her house, too, like a little stenciling and fixing a couple of annoying things (a crooked cabinet door and a hole in her kitchen vinyl floor) -- I think it's so important when you have to spend a lot of time inside to make sure what you see makes you happy!  But that is a service that I am giving to her, so it inspires me.  I look at my house and my unfinished projects and can't seem to find the energy to start them!

So we'll see what happens....! :-P  I finally have been able to get HALF the wood for my floor that I've been dreaming about all winter -- yet, here it sits.......
All that is needed is for me to sand, stain, urethane, sand, urethane again, and VOILA! - they're DONE.....but I just keep looking at them! *sigh!!*  Now, the weather didn't allow me to work on them at first, and then I got sick, but it's been VERY nice for the past 3 days and I still can't seem to want to get them done....!  And look at that hideous green rug.....!!  That is what will be ripped up to put the wood down -- YUCK!!  I've got to get myself going!!! LOL

I want to show you guys a new treasure of mine, a new little thing that I just discovered and love -- PINKEEPS!!!  I love them!  I have TWO now, one was a gift (from my adopted sister! ;-D), and another one I bought from a fellow blogger who makes them, and they are wonderful!!!

Here is my present from Tricia at HillCrestHomePrims..... http://triciamcn.blogspot.com/

Isn't it lovely?  I love the old fabric and the rusty nail and the felt star and button on top!!!  I won her giveaway on the APP forum, and it was SO exciting for me because I never win anything! :-D  It was last month, and she sent some chocolates and a few other little gifts, too -- SUCH fun!!  Thank you, Tricia!!  I've decided that she should be my adopted sister, because at least she likes blogging and primitives -- my other FOUR sisters think I'm crazy! :-P LOL

And this next pin keep I found while looking through different blogs, and I LOVED it!!  It was made by Heather at thecountryschoolmarm.blogspot.com .......
This is so wonderful, it smells cinnamon-y!!  And it's in a rusty pie tart pan!  It's also very soft and puffy, and I love the cheesecloth "crust" edging she stitched around it!!  Soooo charming! :-D
She has more of these AND others (!!!), so if you want one, go check out her blog - they are right on the sidebar!  Thank you, Heather!!

So I am now going to try and keep up blogging, even if I have nothing to report as completed, I still want to get on here and touch base, and even spend time on the computer again, looking at pins and looking at my favorite magazines......maybe something will spark my energy and get me moving again!!  In my next post, I'm going to post a LIST of what I want to accomplish..... dun-dun-dun-DUNNNNN!!!!!!  Hahaha!  Hey, if I have to use intimidation to get my motivation back, so be it!!! ^-^ 


  1. Sometimes we just have to rest and wait for the creative dry spell to disapate..Don't worry it'll flow back.I've went months and then all of a sudden I got so much creative energy I don't know were to begin.Sweet of you to help fix up your neighbor friends house a little while you are helping her out.You're right when you are stuck mostly inside it's those little things that make you nuts thinking they should be done.Hope you and your family are done with the sickness.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. The most important work we can ever do, outside of helping family, is to help our neighbors in need. Take heart in knowing that being "there" for your neighbor is the most important way to be spending your time right now,
    Blessing to you and her,

  3. Oh Lisa, I hope you are all feeling better. It stinks when you or your children get sick.
    I am so happy that you LOVED your gifts.
    Have a wonderful night.
    Big Hugs,
    Tricia XO

  4. You are such a kind and caring neighbor and friend. Fixing up little things in her house, decorating, spending time with her, praying for her- that is a big help in fighting and healing. I know God will bless you for your kind and generous heart!

    Pin keeps are an obsession of mine too! There are so many different ones out there. Pinterest will sure keep you drooling on them!

    I am praying for you, for energy and restoration of health, and for your neighbor.

    Love, prayers, and hugs!