Saturday, March 23, 2013

ANOTHER Abused Dog Rescue.....

Well, I expected to be posting about several very fun things that I've been working on -- my flooring wood, my onion skins, a new closet door -- but we had another Dog Emergency this weekend.....when will it end????  Actually, it's ending NOW because I've completely had it.  I'm getting the police and Animal Control involved to make sure they aren't allowed to own ANY more animals, EVER.

Here is the latest victim.....

She is an almost 2 yr old rottweiler mix, and you can see by the way she is favoring it that her right front leg is's broken at the elbow, and the vet said he believes it was broken by someone lifting her by her leg and throwing her, because the bone is also twisted.  This is another dog from the same animal abusers across my road.  This is the last straw for me (and Brian).  I will be getting the rest of the dogs they have out of there, and then I will be calling the police and Animal Control.  These "people" (I use that term lightly - "monsters"??) must have their freedom to own any animals TAKEN AWAY.  That's my goal.

So, that's what I'll be focused on this week, for as long as it takes.

I'm going to make this post quick -- I'm still trying to get a little painting done in between all this chaos (and before making dinner!)!!  I will definitely post an update on the dogs in a few days when I've gotten them situated, and when I've spoken to Animal Control.

Hug your pets today!!! ^-^

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  1. God bless you Lisa for stepping up, taking care of, and taking 'in' these abused dogs. Someone has to be their voice. You are right, people who mis-treat their animals should NOT be allowed to own any more, period. Hugs to you and these sweet dogs!