Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Delays, Delays......

I COULD be done by now with the staining, except that I ran out of it! LOL  My obsession to "not buy too much" of something has thwarted me!  Of course, being me, I only bought one can of stain - the quart size - ONE.  I could have gone to the store Sunday afternoon or yesterday to get more, but I hate to waste gas (another obsession), so I waited.  This afternoon I have a doctor's appointment, so I'll pick some up while I'm out there.....ONE can again! :-D

So the one quart got about half of my sanded boards stained -- which is about 1/3 of the total flooring wood.  I love how they look.....
They are stained with Early American.  When I did the first boards years ago (for the living room), I picked this shade because I loved the name!! :-D  I actually wish I had used a different shade now, something less "orange".....like my paint/water mixture that I wiped on my kitchen spice cabinet!  But I had to use this again because the living room and family room run into eachother - they aren't separate rooms.  It's ok, I don't regret it TOO much.....I love how the living room floor looks, I just don't love-love it! Haha!! (See why I drive Brian crazy???)

Here is my new STACK.....
I WAS going to paint the urethane on them yesterday, while I waited to get the stain, but it rained all day and was chilly outside (it would have taken all day to dry!), and I wasn't doing it IN the house!
So more waiting.....

That's OK, I have the rest of the week to get ALL these boards done (and I should be able to!) and then I'll get my last two plywood sheets purchased and cut, then stained and sealed, and I'll be ready to go!!!  I bet I'll be done in two weeks!  YAY!!! :-D

I wanted to make a list in this post, too, of my other projects that are waiting, but I have to get lunch started before I leave for my appointment, so I don't have time!  Next post!!  And tomorrow I'll be staining again!

GOTTA GO!!!! ^-^

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  1. Those stained boards look gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished! I bet you can't wait, either! Love you!