Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well, here's another obstacle to me settling back in to blogging regularly OR working on my many exciting projects (that are staring at me while I lay on the couch huddling under a blanket)......the dreaded STOMACH BUG has invaded us, and I'm the latest casualty. :-(   Of course I am, because I'm the one whose been taking care of the other sickies in the house (one of the duties of a MOM, and I love doing it!) -- cleaning up, rubbing backs, making tea, fixing beds, putting cool cloths on faces and necks, checking foreheads/temperatures, doing "sick" laundry.....and numerous other ways I've drenched myself in germs.

So I feel pretty bad (now I know how bad the kids have been feeling! :-(  ), and it's the THIRD day! :-P  At least I haven't thrown up (BLEGH!!)......but it seems like the ones who did throw up got better quicker than I am, so maybe they are on to something?? 

Anyway, I DO have a slight fever and headache, I can't stop feeling queasy, and I can't really keep my arms up to type right now, but I wanted to post a little note to tell why I can't seem to get anything accomplished that I WANT to.....*sigh!!*

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so I hope I'll be better by then....! ^-^


  1. Awww Lisa...wishing you a speedy recovery!


  2. You poor girl!! Feel better soon:) Barb

  3. Seems like there is never a dull moment in life! Dont forget to force fluids and sleep as much as you are able. I'll be thinking of you, Cheryl