Monday, May 6, 2013

Does the Next Day Count???

Well, I planned on posting LAST NIGHT, but.....well, as happens quite a lot lately, I got lost on Pinterest, know the rest! :-D

Oh!  Did anyone notice that I figured out how to add a Pinterest button to my sidebar???  Hee hee, aren't I clever!  Actually it took me a few hours to figure it out -- it's slightly complicated on the Pinterest end, I'm still not exactly sure how I got it on here, but there it is!!

So to answer everyone's first question.....NO FLOOR!!!  We ended up having rain earlier than expected -- it started on Saturday instead of Sunday -- so that was that!  I think it's almost time for this face -- >:-/ ....that's an angry one!  I have NEVER had to use that face on my blog, but it may pop out here if there is no floor in another week or two....!!
Actually, the floor is going to be a larger job than it seems....nailing the floor boards down is the quick and easy part!  The whole area needs to be "prepped", which means all the small nails and staples have to be removed or hammered flat, furniture (and dog toys) (and all my crap) needs to be moved out of the way, and then an extensive vacuuming campaign needs to begin!  It's not enough to vac that little area that I could see from my floor angle when I was sick -- it must ALL be cleaned!!!  SO....that is MY DUTY for the week! :-D  And I'm off to a great know, sitting here, writing a blog post about what I'm supposed to do.  Somehow, that makes me feel like the job is already half-done!!!Haha!

When is was raining on Saturday, we decided that was a perfect day to check out our little antique mall.  It's not GREAT -- there are very few "primitive" type pieces there, but I've found some gems tucked in here and there!  It's always fun to look, isn't it?  Plus, I do love seeing all the old things, even if I don't want to own them.  They are so interesting!
I did find a few little things I wanted.....
I LOVE the little honey pot, except I won't use it for honey!  I'll keep the wooden honey-thing (I KNOW it has a name, but....???), and I'll use the pot in the kitchen for herbs! :-D  And you can't go wrong with wooden bowls or baskets!!!
They had a wonderful pewter pot that I wanted ALOT, but it was $15 and I didn't want to put these things back for it, so I want to get it this weekend or next maybe.  It was really neat, very unique shape!  But I won't be able to display it until my wood floor is done, so I left it there!!

AND.....I bought an amazing magazine off of ebay that came in the mail.....
I have been wanting this magazine for almost a year!  But it was always too expensive! :-P  So I found one on ebay that I could make an offer on, and she accepted it!!  YAY!  I LOVE the cover picture, but inside it also has some of my favorite pictures from Pinterest.....can you believe that?!! :-D
WHO KNEW????.....

I've stared at these very pictures on Pinterest for a LOOOONG time!  Even saving them to my computer before I actually had my own boards!
AND look at this one.....
Remember me posting this awhile ago??  This is the table that I want to make for my kitchen!!!  HERE it is in this magazine! YAY!! :-D  I love Pinterest, but I love my magazines much more -- I love having a hard-copy of my favorite pictures, and all my tags sticking out of them with my notes!  So it was such an exciting surprise to find such treasures in it!!
And check out this great pic.....
I just love this garden shed!!!  And all the plants everywhere around it!  I love the controlled-wildishness of what they've done here!!  I'm definitely NOT a manicured-gardens kind of person.  I'd LOVE to have a whole area that looks like THIS.....add another little sticky-tag....! :-D

Soooo.....on to my main purpose of this entry -- to post a list of things to do this week!  Then maybe I can shame myself into actually doing something from that list, right?
Ok, here goes.....

1. PREP floor -- remove nails and glue, vac dirt and dust
2. PREP part II -- move furniture to the other side of the room
3. Paint SOMETHING -- island, bottom cabinets, hallway trim, back doorway
4. Replant baby tomatoes into peat pots, re-seed plants that didn't germinate
5. Make simple wreath for front door

Well, there it is!!  I have lots more that needs to be done around here, but I'm going to save that for AFTER the floor is in.  No need to clutter up my mind with too many projects!
So let's see how well I do with this list by the end of the week, shall we?? LOL  If I get the prep-work done, Brian will have NO problem starting the floor Friday morning!  That's ALL the incentive I need!!! :-D

I'll be sure to post any results as I go it's entirely possible that there won't be another post until Friday...!!!! :-P  JUST KIDDING!!! (I hope!)  ^-^


  1. So, what have you accomplished so far today? :)

    1. Well, I made the wreath yesterday!!! :-D
      And, well.....wait....ummm....Yeah, that's it! LOL ~OH!! And I crocheted a cloth -- that wasn't on my list, but it was FUN!!!

      Today I'm really thinking about painting something in my kitchen (after lunch, of course!), maybe the island....?

      Thanks for checking on me Barb!!! :-D
      And I am TOTALLY thinking about posting your horse mat on my blog, just to show your awesomeness!!!!! I could PIN it too! ;-D (hee hee hee!)
      Really, it's beautiful!

  2. Hey, I didn't see "humiliate a friend" on your list! :()

    I had high hopes of accomplishing something, anything today but darn housework got in the way--humph!!

  3. (Barb; housework ALWAYS gets in the way!)
    Yes Lisa I DID notice the Pinterest addition! Such a small sign that has the ability to cause me to cancel dinner preparation if I dare click on it for just "a few innocent moments" of a coffee break! But I do so enjoy seeing what you have pinned.

    I am crazy about that garden shed, and the whole garden as well. If my DH and I were to cultivate such a lush garden in our backyard, guess who would be our ever present guests - rattlesnakes!

    Oh, I do hope that the pewter pot is still there when you return. Loved the pictures from Early Homes. TFS! And I will check in even when on vacation to see how the floor is coming along!
    Prim Hugs, Cheryl (allthingscolonial)