Sunday, May 26, 2013

SOOOOO Much Excitement!!!!!

Oh BOY!!!  This has been SUCH a GREAT weekend!!!!!! :-D

First, we got the floor done!......

All the white specks are my camera (WHY??), but can you see something ELSE in the hallway picture....???  The boards that we put down yesterday are DARKER than the boards we put down first.....SEE....??!!!  I can't believe it -- HOW could that happen??  I used the exact same can of stain that I used on the other boards....!!!  I didn't even notice it until I flicked on the light to take this picture -- now what do I do about it?  Really, what can I do??  I guess I could sand the dickens out of them until they are a lighter shade, and then re-seal them with polyurethane.  Of course, NO ONE could use this hallway to get to their bedrooms or my craft room for 24+ hours, plus the terrible smell would kill some of our brain cells, but the floor would be "PERFECT"......OR, I could just leave it and put a rug down, like I already wanted to anyway! :-D

Besides, I have other things to think about right now -- like, see all the white/natural colored woodwork down that hallway, PLUS doors?  Yeah, two to three coats of painting are in order there!!

And then there's THIS......

Remember this area in my kitchen....?  And the bottom picture is of my corner I posted about awhile ago.....remember how it's been unfinished for months (and in reality, years!)??
And in the other corner......
I am beyond excited!!!!  I keep going in the kitchen to look at it, walking over my wooden floors!!!!  YAY!! :-D 

We still have the laundry room doorway that needs trim in here, and the ceiling and floor, but we should be able to get that done by next weekend!  Yippee!!!
I also have a few pieces of wood for trim here, and if Brian doesn't get to nail it up, I might just do it myself this week.....!  Hee hee hee!!  I know how to use those tools.....all I'd need is the boys to help me hold the wood up! :-D 
Although, I DO have tons of painting to do now, so I might just leave it alone and tackle will be fun to get everything painted, too!

OH!!  It is SO exciting!!!!!!  I actually want to paint NOW (it's 10:30pm! LOL), but Brian made me promise to just sit here and relax tonight, instead of "doing too much" -- Oh raspberries!!!  It's probably just so I don't wake him up while I'm working! :-P
Well, that's ok.....I can wait, and I'm also VERY excited because he has tomorrow off because of Memorial Day, so I will get to be with him an extra day this weekend! :-D  We will either work in the house, or work on the garden - our favorite things! LOL

The last thing I want to post about is my neighbor, who is battling cancer.  She had her last chemo treatment a week ago, and she seems to be feeling fine.  She gets a shot two days after each treatment that is supposed to stimulate her body to produce extra white blood cells, to help fight the cancer, and it always makes her feel like she has the flu!  It's just terrible to watch.  But I keep just being there for her when she needs me, and praying
Now she is on to the second part of her treatment plan, and I'm really nervous about it.  She is supposed to have radiation in about a month, and they will be doing another scan and tons of blood work to see if her cancer has been killed by the chemo, or if there is anything there.....that's what I'm afraid of!  I know she is worried about it too, but I put on a brave and encouraging face for her, because MY fear isn't based on anything but the unknown (like her's is), and I don't want to burden her with it.  So that's where YOU guys come in!! :-D  I'm telling you guys, and then YOU can all pray, too, that they won't find anything, and especially that nothing new has appeared.  It makes me feel much better to know that there will be more prayers for her! :-)
Her appointment isn't set up yet, but they told her it would be sometime around June 15th or so.  I will be sure to post again with an update as soon as there is one!  Thank You!! 

I feel like I had more I wanted to post about that I've been doing, but seeing my trim go up today, and walking on my wood floor has caused my mind to go blank about anything else! Haha!!
Well, if I remember, I'll post about it next time!!! ;-)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!! ^-^

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