Thursday, May 30, 2013

I KNEW This Would Happen!!!

I got a slow start this week on my painting with too much to do on Tuesday, but I got going yesterday until the inevitable happened......

I don't like how the paint color looks!!!!  UGH!
See how DARK it is compared to the other color???  The walls look too white now!  And see how I stopped painting immediately after realizing I had made a (-nother) huge mistake by picking this color?  That's what happens to me with painting and choosing colors -- I take FOREVER to pick one, then I always don't like it once I start painting with it, then I freeze because all my motivation disappears from me feeling like I can never get this painting thing right!! :-P  I have a whole quart of this now, and it's a waste!  What can I DO??? :-P

So this time, instead of walking away disgusted and kicking things, I sent a panicked email to Duntie (as promised!), complete with pictures, asking her opinion! :-D  She said she loves it....PHEW!!  Since I can't trust my own judgement, I'm going to trust hers, and just keep painting!  I'm not even going to look at it while I paint -- I'm going to pretend that I'm painting it for someone else who loves it, and just get it all done!  Thank you for saving me, Duntie Elaine!! :-)

Actually, I bet I'll love it once it's all finished.....I think my resistance to change is why I have so much trouble with paint.  That and being a perfectionist about this stuff!
Now to pick a new color for my library room..... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Just kidding!!  Hahaha! :-D

Another thing that I am going to do is to make a floorcloth!
I've ALWAYS wanted to make one, and I've been saving a piece of canvas for that very thing.....
I already cut it when I made a canvas for my print last year! (remember?....that was so fun!!)
I want the floorcloth for my hallway, and while I was looking around on Pinterest, I found the perfect design that I want.....
I know this is stairs, but it will look great as a floorcloth! :-D  This is from in their Projects section, and I LOVE the color of it.....can you see it?  It's like a blackish-olive green! 
I want to make it a runner for my hallway, so I cut out the long piece......
It still needs to be hemmed, but only on one side and the ends -- the other side is already factory-hemmed!  I'm going to run the stenciled lines down each side, and I found the perfect stencil design for it.....
I traced it off of my computer screen (it wouldn't print), and enlarged it with my printer, now I just need to cut it! :-D

And I've also become obsessed with drying anything I can find in my yard!! LOL  A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of pretty yellow flowers bloomed all over my yard and on the side of our dirt road.  They were weeds, but so pretty!  So I went around clipping a bunch of them (Puppy thought I was nuts, I'm sure!), and I hung them upside-down until they dried.....
Didn't they come out great?!?!  I'm leaving them hanging for now, but I could put them in a wreath in the fall, too!  They are nice and stiff, probably because I sprayed them with hairspray that I got from the Dollar Store -- just a little trick I read about online! :-D
So driving home last weekend I saw (and smelled!) this large bush on the side of our dirt road with white flowers and a strong, sweet smell!  So I walked down there a few days ago and cut some branches to dry.....JUST to see what would happen.....
I'll keep you guys posted about them!  I'm sure the leaves will turn brown, but I'm so curious to see how they dry....they are so pretty!!

So another weekend is here!!!!  Time is just FLYING by, isn't it?? 
I'm hoping to get a few more boards for the kitchen trim -- all that's left to put up is the ceiling trim and baseboard.  I will probably paint those first before Brian nails them to the wall because it will be so much easier!  Oh, it's SOOOOO exciting!!!! :-D  Fun, fun, fun!!
Of course, I haven't done one LICK of gardening.....this is the latest I've ever gone without planting something!  Brian got it tilled last Monday, but it needs it a second time, and I don't have any plants ready, either!! LOL  What can I say - I'm having way too much fun inside the house right now! :-D
Well, at least there is a loooong growing season down here -- things grow into October!  So there is still plenty of time.  I can buy plants this year if I want to, and there's always the Farmer's Market if I'm really lazy! Haha!!

This weekend, I'm going to try making a recipe that I pinned awhile ago -- it's the Chicken Cordon Bleu, and it looks DELICIOUS.....
Here's the link.....
I'll be sure to report back on how it was, and if it's really "easy" like they say it is.  It looks worth it, whatever the effort needed!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! ^-^


  1. LOL Lisa! So hope you don't blame me if you hate the finished kitchen.
    Seriously, it looks great to me. keep me updated
    I would love to do a floorcloth .You are getting me motivated too.
    luv ya, Duntie

    1. Hahaha!! I would NEVER blame you!!! :-D
      Besides you were right, it does look good! I just have such a hard time making my own decisions about this kind of stuff -- I'm so smart with other things, but decorating constantly STUMPS me! But I feel MUCH better now that your email address is saved in my contacts list! XOXO

  2. I really like the color, too, Lisa. I think that color will go well with your kitchen tiles. If you don't like it, you've only wasted a quart; I've wasted GALLONS in my decorative journey :() In my younger years, I once painted my kitchen three different colors in one weekend, because I couldn't decide. Let it grow on you. I think it's going to be great :) Can't wait to see your floor cloth. Have a wonderful weekend! Barb

    1. Oh Barb, we are kindred spirits for sure -- that has been ME repainting a room over and over to get the color "right"!! I feel your pain! :-D

      I'm glad you like it too!!! It really does help me to have feedback, because I can't trust my own judgement! :-P And thanks for reminding me that it's only a quart.....I wasn't really thinking about that, but you are right, that's nothing to be ashamed of!! I'm just relieved that I like the color now! :-)

  3. Lisadiane:
    I can see this color with cranberry/cream/black. I do not know how or if this color will work with the deep wine color that you have on the hall walls. Mine you, I am not the one to give paint color advice, but I do want to say that it is after all ONLY paint. You did not just install $$$ of new carpet, etc. if this color is making you unhappy, it will continue to do so. So live with it for a few days, but if you don't love it, then don't build on it. Change it now!

    1. Hi Cheryl!!! It's great to hear from you again! :-D
      If you could see the color in person, you would see that it actually does go well with the dark red in my family room -- THANK GOODNESS!! That was one of the things that I checked any color I was considering against - the other room colors! But I didn't think of how good black would look with it, too.....YAY!!

      Thanks!!! :-)

  4. I love the color you picked for the kitchen. It seems dark because it stands out right now with the lighter color still being there. But once you get done, it won't look dark and may actually appear more neutral. I like the contrast with the light walls. Love what you're doing with your home. Thanks for keeping in touch.

    1. I agree sometimes when you first start painting you get weirded out by the difference.
      My friend loved a deep purple and spent a whole evening painting a very large bedroom in her Victorian, the next day she was on the phone screaming to me that we had to go get more paint. It was too dark too purple. I went over and hung her curtains. Amazingly they made that purple relax lol. She had soft blues and pinks and lavender on a white background in the curtains ,bedding and the trim was a soft grey. I loved the room and it was wonderful to sleep in as it was dark and coy at night. Don't be afraid of rich deep color it is surprisingly easy to decorate with.