Monday, June 10, 2013


Oh GRRRR!!!!  I'm having internet problems AGAIN!!!

All weekend we have not been able to get online, and for days before that and NOW, our connection speed is too slow to load anything (even pictures on here!), and we can't stay connected for long!

So I had a phone company guy out here (AGAIN!), and they aren't even sure what our problem is, but they think it's because we are over 1/2 mile off the main road (and phone connection), and the wires are running under the dirt road to our house.  SO.....he is going to "request a right-of-way" from the electric company to run the phone wires along the electric poles, which is how it should have been done the first time, and it take several weeks, blah blah blah, and hopefully THAT will solve the repeated connection issues we have!  UGH!!

In the meantime, we have to struggle with dial-up speeds (was I really once happy with that??? LOL), and you guys have to put up with listening to me with no pictures to distract you!!! :-D
It's too bad, too, because Brian put up the kitchen ceiling trim this weekend!!!  HOORAY!
It looks SO good and makes me SO happy to see it when I'm in there (which is 70% of the day!), and now I just have to stencil along the ceiling (which I've been dreaming of doing for 3 1/2 years!), and that part will be done!!! :-D

We also bought the wood for the baseboard in there, so I'll be painting that after I finish this post -- FUN, FUN, FUN!!! 

So I haven't really missed the internet this weekend, except at night while relaxing, but all I had to do was grab a stack of my magazines to look through, and I didn't even think about it! :-D

It has been raining and raining all weekend, as well (which might have something to do with the internet being down), and while the air is cool, it's so tropical and humid, it's GROSS!  And we can check off another weekend that Brian can't get out in the garden area to prep it for plants!!!  This has to be some kind of record, because since March I can count the nice weekends we've had on ONE hand!  That's why I've been getting so much house-work out of Brian!!  So I guess I'm not complaining too much -- LOL

OH!!!  And one last thing before I go paint.....that chicken I made last weekend was DELICIOUS!!  Everyone loved it and said to make it all the time!  And, it WAS quick and easy, even the sauce, so I felt like a gourmet, but I really wasn't!! :-D  So anyone who is thinking about making it can do it with confidence!!!  If the internet cooperates later, I want to pick out a dessert recipe to try.....I'll post back with the results! :-)

Have a wonderful day, blogging friends, and I'll keep trying to upload pictures so I can have a more visually exciting post next time!!! ^-^


  1. Oh my goodness Lisa Diane, where do you get your energy? I am so impressed with all of your projects! I saw on APP forum that you have pinterest- I love it!

    1. Thanks Jo!!! I'm so happy to see your comment here! :-D
      I guess my energy comes from being deranged with excitement that I'm finally COMPLETING projects and rooms, after dreaming about it for so long! I'm so happy that you are on Pinterest, too -- I'm going to follow you now! :-D

  2. Hi Lisadiane:
    I wish we could take some of your rain and give you some of our sunshine! But the humidity, you can keep! Sorry about the computer woes. We really take being "up and running" for granted! So happy for you that you are getting so many wonderful projects completed. Will look forward to the pictures.
    Will lift up in prayer your neighbor. I wish I knew her name. I believe she receives Chemo tomorrow. ~ Cheryl

  3. Hi there, Lisa Diane. We've been without the internet or TV for five days! They just fixed the problem today so I understand how you feel. I love the rain but it's been a little odd: heavy downpour, thunder, then bright sunshine, heavy downpour, thunder... I feel like I have so much to catch up on.