Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WAAAAAAA!!!!! and GRRRR!!!!!

HEY! internet is on....I'm going to try making a post.....

Oh my goodness, I could just CRY over the internet problems I'm having over here!!!  I basically GAVE UP last Thursday and stopped trying to get even pages to's so frustrating, and to top it off, my kids can't do any of the things they love to do online either, so I get to answer questions like, "why does our internet stink and everyone else's works?", or, "why can't we get internet from cable or somewhere else?", or my personal favorite, "why is it always US?"......that one they love to pull out for many different situations that they don't like!  And while I'm dealing with my own annoyances, their questions just rub me the wrong way -- I don't have the answers!!
So here we all sit, in the DARK AGES (according to my kids), and you would think that I'd have all kinds of things accomplished, without the distraction of the internet and all, but......YOU'D BE WRONG!!!!

*Sigh!*  I don't know how a whole day can pass and I seem to get nothing accomplished!!
Well, I can't really say "nothing".....there were several things we got done last weekend (none were painting, though!), I just can't show any pictures of them! :-S  Actually, I don't know why I'm working so hard on this post, I probably won't be able to get it to save OR post..... *Sigh!*  As blogger auto-saves this post, I keep getting the pink warning banner on top that tells me an error occurred while saving or publishing and please try again.....NOT a good sign!

We got the garden ready for planting this weekend, finally!  It was BEAUTIFUL weather (and only lasted two days! :-P), and now I have nothing stopping me from putting my tiny, limited amount of plants in the ground.....nothing but myself, of course! :-D  What can I say, planting is HARD work and my body hurts ALOT after......besides, I have been painting this week, and I haven't wanted to stop!!  But we have more rain coming this weekend, so I want to get it done today - right after this post! Hahaha!!  This will be my longest post EVER! :-D

Well, there won't be any pictures yet, because I've been trying for the past half-hour to load some and it won't do it -- boohoo! and BORING!!!  I'll be calling the AT&T guy after this weekend to see where we stand on the right-of-way-line-thing that he said they will do.  At the very least, I think I should be compensated back for these days of NO internet -- they are starting to add up!

Ok, I'm off to make lunch, then vacuum, then maybe....plant something!!! :-D
I'll be sure to take pictures along the way for when they will upload again -- now THAT will be a long post!  But at least it will be fun!!

I just wanted you guys to know that I am STILL HERE - for better or for worse!!! LOL  ^-^


  1. We live out in the country, too, and have slow internet (which is supposed to be "high speed"; it's as slow as dial-up). We blamed it on our other computer and got a new one, and this one is just as slow. I think this is as good as it will be . . . FOREVER!! >:[ I feel your pain, Sista'. It's good to see you post, though :)

  2. Hi Lisadiane:
    I hope that by now there has been a solution to this problem. We live in an somewhat rural part of town; thus, from time to time, the same thing happens to us. Its amazing how much we ALL have come to relay on our internet! When our server is down, I am not a pleasant person - this, from a person who thinks she would rather be living in the 18th century. Hah!

    Hope the problem is soon resolved. Cheryl