Friday, July 5, 2013

Remember ME....??? :-D

Do I get the "World's WORST Blogger" Award yet??? :-( 

*Sigh!*  I wish I could tell you that my internet troubles are over, but, alas.....THEY AREN'T!! :-P
I am sitting here at the McDonald's in our town, using their wi-fi so I can get online!  Our internet is so spotty that it's just easier to stay off of it until they can figure out the wiring.  It will stay connected for a minute or two and then disconnect for 30 seconds or more, and then reconnect for another couple of minutes only to disconnect again.  It's SOOOO irritating, so we just aren't using it at all.  Fortunately, though, I have tons of browser pages opened to favorite Pinterest pictures or boards, so I just leave them on there and look at them when I need some inspiration (being very careful not to click on anything, which would lose the page!)!!  After I'm done with this post, I'm going to pin them all to my boards!!! :-D

Since I haven't been staring at my computer these past couple of weeks, I've done some Very Fun Stuff, and I've been aching to share it with you guys!  Which reminds's become very clear to me lately WHY I blog, because I am missing it so much --- I LOVE it!!! :-D
I've been feeling so bad for MYSELF now that I don't get a chance to sit and post regularly like I could before!  I love having this online journal to record the fun things in my life, and all the things I get excited about during the day don't seem as fun without being able to SHARE them on my blog, with all of my online friends!!   Some people might think that I only have a small amount of "followers" -- actually, I think I have alot!  It's more people than I actually know in real life!! LOL  So I feel like I'm sharing my posts with a large group of friends! (and ONE sister! haha!!) :-D

And I could literally post every day -- I have something I want to write about almost every day! LOL  But I try to restrain myself to once or twice a week, so I don't overwhelm my blog with too many posts to keep up with! :-)

So now that I can't post whenever I want to, it feels wrong, and like I'm missing all these chances to share the silly little things that make me so happy.....that only you guys "GET"!!! :-D I sit at McDonald's, because I just can't take it anymore!  The other thing that is terrible is that it has been raining on and off here for the past TWO WEEKS, and probably longer.  And even when it isn't raining, it is so humid and cloudy that it might as well just rain (which it does after a few minutes!).  Right now I'm listening to thunder, and ahh-yes.....the rain is just starting again!  How much longer can this keep up???  Needless to say, I've done very little in the garden -- every time I step in there, I sink into wet soil/mud up to my ankles!  I can tell this is going to be a low-harvest year, between me getting started so late, and this lack of sun for weeks and weeks.

I also want to update you all on my neighbor's scan results -- it was not BAD news, but not the news we were hoping for either....but I'm going to keep hanging on to the GOOD part!  Her scan showed cancer cells in some lymph nodes, but that was it.  She was upset about it because she had done her first round of chemo, and we wanted there to be NO cancer.  BUT....they never did a baseline scan before she started her chemo, so I told her she has no idea if there were more cancerous cells that were killed off and are gone now.  Plus, her blood cancer markers are great.  And she is getting help from an herbalist, and he told her that it was great news because there was no cancer in any organs.  So we are going to hang on to that!  Right now she is doing the radiation part of her treatment, and it's every day for 6 weeks.  She just finished up her second week this morning, and she's feeling OK.  She may start to feel bad in another week or two, they said, and she knows I'm willing to go over there anytime she needs me.  Her son practically lives over here, so I know she appreciates being able to have a quiet house to rest in during the day, and it's nothing for me to have him here and feed him.  I love knowing that when he's an adult, he will have happy memories of being at our house like his second home! :-)
So anyone who is willing, please just keep praying with me that she will have complete healing after all this.  It's so frightening, and really all I can do is pray.

Let's see what else has been going on.......

I bet you guys think my whole kitchen must be painted by now, right???  Well.....NOPE! LOL
Wait, though!  I have a reason (actually a couple of reasons!) -- I got going on some other painting that needed to be done, too, so it's a good reason! :-D
First, we DID get the kitchen trim all painted and nailed up.....
That's trim for the kitchen ceiling, AND the laundry room floor (finally!)!!
Vive la difference!!!......

It looks SO beautiful to me, after seeing the ragged, unfinished edges for 3 years now!! :-D  I still see it and just sigh with happiness!!!!
Then I got to the kitchen baseboard......

All the baseboard trim in the house is going to be 1x6s.....I LOVE the look of the larger size, and I see it all the time in the older houses!  You can see in the top picture I used the cheap fence boards (again!) -- I can't resist because they are more than HALF the price of the regular pine 1x6 boards!  But they are so rough, either I have to sand them alot or Brian uses his hand planer to shave off a very thin layer.....see the difference in that first picture?  The board in the middle has been planed!
Then I painted them, and on they went......

I LOVE this color now, especially next to the tile! :-D  I'm still contemplating putting a piece of quarter-round trim along the floor, so it looks like this......
This is from an old Country Living magazine I was looking at the other day (sorry it's so dark).....I LOVE that look!!!!  But for now, I'm just thrilled to get any trim in here done! :-D
I also got some of the hallway trim painting started too......

That's only one coat, and obviously the doors aren't done, but I already love it!  I am nervous about painting the doors the dark red, though, because it will be so dark, but I have to -- they have to be the same color as the trim!!  I thought about painting them a beige to match the wallpaper, but I just don't think it will look RIGHT that way. 

The next thing I've been working on has been something I've never even mentioned on my blog -- the outside of my back doors!  I have always had SOOOO much going on inside that I didn't really give the outside much thought, but as I worked on painting the back doors, and then cleaning the windows, I just kind of started it......

I cannot describe the happy feeling I have getting these projects completed -- it's wonderful!!!

The inside doors are completely done......
Now, I'm getting ready to hang curtains on them -- see the little hook magnets I put on the top?
I painted them the same red.....
.....then I bought dowels and had Brian make little end caps for them to keep them on......
Now all I need to do is to sew the curtains! (and I might paint the dowels red, too)

I would have even more painting done, but I hurt my arm last week (a long story), and haven't been able to use it well -- I'll save that story for my next post, because it's getting late here, and I need to get back home!  I have so much more I wanted to show everyone, but it will have to wait.....I will be going to the library on Monday, so I'll post again then!! :-D

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday yesterday, too!!  We got rained out, so there were no fireworks, but we cooked inside and still had fun.  My kids have gotten back into playing board games and cards together, and I'm really enjoying listening to them play together again!  I guess there are some things to be thankful for without the internet, right?!!!

See you all on Monday!!!!!! ^-^


  1. Good to see All your finshes are wonderful. I think the doors you haven't done yet would look fine beige.Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. I am so glad to see that you are celebrating the joys of your accomplishments...large or small! You'll get there and we are so happy you are taking us there along with you. Everything looks so nice! And, I have had the very same internet line issues as you are experiencing.....I feel your pain....but isn't it amazing how much gets done when we aren't sitting in front of the computer?

  3. No, you're not the worse blogger, I am! And I don't have internet problems to blame either! I love your french doors! Very, very nice. And I like the wider baseboards, too. I hope you're friend is doing well. She's fortunate to have a friend and neighbor like you. I think it's great she is seeing an herbalist, too. The more I research on the internet, the more I read that diet has a profound impact on cancer cells. I've talked to Colson so much about making healthy food choices. Take care.

  4. Lisa, I missed your blog. so glad you braved the rain and heat to go to McD's.
    Everything looks great! Love love love the doors red and the trim looks wonderful.
    I have been replacing the cheap 3 inch ranch trim and baseboards for years, as we do each room. I use 1x 6's too. And add the quarter round at the base too. I will post a pic somewhere.
    Prayers are still going up for you and your friend and family. The herbalist is a great idea it will make so much of a difference for her.
    God bless, and I hope you get your internet problems fixed soon.