Monday, November 4, 2013


Thank you everyone who commented, and even those who didn't comment but are there -- it eases my heart to know that dear caring friends are praying for my stepmom, Pat.

She had surgery today to remove the cancer, before starting chemo, but the results are BAD.......they couldn't remove all the cancer because it is everywhere in her abdomen, it is attached to too many other organs.

This is the absolute OPPOSITE of what I was hoping God would allow.  This is NO answer to prayer for me.  I guess the plan is to start chemo, hoping it will shrink the cancer and they will be able to operate again and take it out.  I want to keep praying and begging God to answer my prayer for her, but WHY, when I know He already has His plan in motion.  He isn't going to alter what His plan is for Pat because *I* don't like it.
So how to pray???  For grace?  For comfort?  To keep my faith as He drags me down a very painful, unwanted path.....??

I continue to beg Him, of course, that she will be the 1 in 100 to receive a diagnosis like this and get treatment and go into remission, and then joy and happiness can return to us all.  I will hang on to that thread of hope.

Please continue to pray.  And THANK YOU ALL from the deepest part of my heart!


  1. oh Lisa Diane!! First of all I wish I could reach through this screen and give you the biggest hug and pray with you. Please know that I will bear this burden with you. I know first hand of the devastation ovarian cancer causes. My husband and I lost his mother to this same disease nearly 14 years ago. Only God can help no matter what the outcome and remembers He loves us just the same -'What I do now thou knowest not , but thou shalt know hereafter.'
    You are so right that God already has plans for you. 'Fear not, for I am with thee, I am at thy right hand and I will help thee.'
    Praying for you dear friend.

  2. Sometimes we just need to ask for comfort and peace. We have to walk through the storm sometimes but know he never leaves us. Day by day. I know how hard the road is but just celebrate each day you have with her weather it's a few months or a few years.I know you can't be there but a phone call works wonders too. Continued prayers sent up for both of you.Hugs! Amy

  3. Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this news. Cancer is a very delicate subject for me. I am still trying to get over the loss of my best friend. I will continue to pray for the best.

    Big hugs,

  4. Lisa, I am praying so much for your Mom, you and the family. I am sure you are asking the Lord "WHY" but PLEASE keep your faith. I will keep praying for you all.
    Big Hugs

  5. Dearest Lisadiane:
    I am so sorry. I will earnestly pray for you and your family. Please consider encouraging your Father to call all of the research hospitals in Boston (such as Brigham and Women's Hospital). Ask to speak to an Ovarian Cancer Specialist. Ask if there are any Clinical Trail studies available. Also call the local chapter of the American Cancer Society and ask the same question. When my husband was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer by a local Dr. in town, surgery/chemo/radiation and a life time of "male functioning" challenges was the recommendation. I immediately called the American Cancer Society. I was encouraged to call a cancer research hospital two hours away from us. Proton Beam cancer treatment was in it's infancy and it was available to those interested in being included in the Clinical Trail. Loma Linda University saved my husband. Now 18 years later Proton Beam treatment is routine in the U.S. I do not want to give you false hope. Ovarian cancer stage 3 is far more serious than my husband's Prostate cancer stage 1-nearly stage 2. But the teaching and research Hospitals in Boston may have an experimental treatment available to Pat that might not be available in the smaller towns of MA.

    Is it at all possible for you, Brian and the kids to drive up to MA. for Thanksgiving? It's not about food. Forget the food. It's about giving Pat the gift of her family. I hope you can do this. I wish so much that I could be there to help you with the animals. But maybe Cheryl's son could take care of the animals for you.

    Pray for comfort and wisdom. Try to understand that we humans want to live forever. God wants something else. God wants us to live with him. Keep working on the shawl. It will be a joy to Pat. She will feel the love that went into it's making.

    Keep us posted, as you are able. Our prayers will continue each day for you and your family,
    Cheryl (allthingscolonial)

  6. Oh Lisa. Ever since I read your post yesterday, I have been praying, asking God what to say to you. You asked the question, "So how to pray?". My prayer for you is that you go to God and ask Him to show you who He is. Not what you've been taught about who He is but get it from Him. He will tell you the truth. I once believed in a far-away God but no more. He is as close as the air we breathe. As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us He chose to come and live inside us. Go to Him. Don't be afraid of Him. He will tell you the truth about His nature, His ways. There is a line in a song that I like that says, "To think God wants His children to hurt, the very idea is absurd". We, as human parents, love our children dearly and will do everything we can to keep them from suffering and to think that our Heavenly Father loves us less is wrong. It is NEVER His will for us to suffer. I ask you please, take just a few minutes of quiet time and go to Him and let Him tell you the Truth. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at what you learn. I will be much in prayer for you today.