Saturday, January 5, 2013


Well, it's really "FROGGING"......which in the yarn arts world means......

Pulling it all out and starting again!!!!  UGH! :-D
I just couldn't live with it the way it was - too small - and it only took me a couple of days to complete, so there's no reason to not make it right!
I added just a few more stitches to each side, AND I'm using a larger hook.....

I should have known that G-hook was too small!  Get with it, Lisa!!
I changed the stitch,'s the first stitch I used for the top part......
And here's how I changed it.....
See the difference?  I like the open look of the bottom stitch, much better!
And since I am making this a little bigger, I decided to change the stitch for the bottom part, too.....
This stitch uses LESS yarn than the first one, so I'll still be able to keep it the right length (without running out of yarn! :-P)
I'm almost done already (it's only been two days since I started my FROGGING!), and I'll post a picture when it's complete -- with buttons and everything!!  I'm really enjoying crocheting again, too!

But, what I really want to try is making a period dress!  Wouldn't THAT be fun??? :-D
My only problem is what style should I make....which "period" do I love the most?  Probably I should pick the easiest period to make....LOL  But that might actually BE my favorite!  I've always loved simple prairie dresses, but most of mine are sleeveless (because that's what I love to wear).
I made a few really cute prairie/old-fashioned, simple doll dresses, and I always would look at the patterns and think "I wonder if I could do that....!"
And here are some ideas I found online.....

They are all SOOOOO pretty!!!  I'll have to get back to you guys about all these.....could I really make one of those???  Hmmm.......! :-D

Oh I wish I could write more, but my eyes are closing!!  I'll be back soon with pictures of my caplet/cape/shawl.....whatever it is!!! ^-^

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