Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ummm.....well, my winter embellishments are looking a bit out of place with THIS going on......
This is from yesterday and it was the fourth day of these temps!!

NOT that I'm complaining -- NO WAY!  I LOVE having my windows open to let in fresh air in the middle of winter, and I LOVE LOVE not running my heater!! :-D  It's really fun to have a little blast of spring come through....especially because it's supposed to get cold again by this weekend.  I'm enjoying this while it lasts!

But it's really hard to have mittens or ice skates around as a celebration of winter while I'm wearing a sleeveless dress and bare feet, and my windows are open!! LOL

OH!  Speaking of which, in my quest for a "prairie dress", or whatever I'm wanting, I decided to check out the thrift store and look what I found......

Pretty good, right?!!  I've been wearing the black one, and it's so soft, I love it!  And the beige one looks like one I posted a picture of, remember it?  I'm going to take the shoulders in an inch or two and sew some lace around the bottom, won't that look so pretty? :-D  I was so excited to find these dresses, and they were only $1.50 and $2 each!!  You can't beat that!

Of course, they aren't true "Period" dresses.....I'm going to have to work a little harder for something that's more authentic, but I FEEL prairie-ish (is that a word??) while I'm wearing them!! LOL

I also made myself some little wool slippers this weekend - not prairie-ish either, but they are cute and comfy! :-D  I crocheted them out of some thick green wool yarn that I've had for AGES!!  I bought it on ebay years ago, and like usual with yarn (or wool!) online, it got here and wasn't at all like my computer showed it to be!!  So it's just been sitting in my yarn box, waiting!
I just kind of made these up, just crocheting a circle and working up from there.....
I added a little ribbon and bow to them, after I saw a picture of another pair that had it......
......somehow, it looked cuter on the OTHER slippers....so I don't know if I'm going to keep them -- maybe some buttons would look better??  Now I can really twirl around on my new floor!! :-D

So I guess I could say I'm PART-way out of my slump.  The weekend was better, of course, because Brian was home (YAY!! :-D), but I'm still lacking in motivation.....which is not good, because I have things that I need to get done here (besides crocheted slippers!)!!

I have GOT to decide what I'm going to do with my kitchen cabinet/trim color -- in a few more weeks, there will be enough money to start buying the wood for the trim, and I've GOT to know what color I'm painting it!!
I have two basic choices -- keep it or change it -- and then there are more choices after I make that big one!  I HATE DECISIONS!!!  I stink at them!  And when I finally make one, I'm never satisfied that it was the "right" one!!! :-P
I am leaning towards changing the color, mainly because the only reason I would keep it would be so I didn't have to face trying to decide what to do next!  That's not the right reason!! LOL  If I did keep it, I would be constantly thinking about changing it, wishing I had changed it, and eventually I would change it.....which would be so much more work than just dealing with it now!

The reason I want to change the color is because I wanted a goldish-mustard in here, and that's what my color looked like until I put the red, cream, and brown tiles in here!  Next to those colors, my gold turned green!!  So if I change it, a whole slew of other decisions comes crashing down on me -- which mustard-gold do I pick - darker or lighter?  Should I change to a goldish-TAN instead of mustard? (I'm looking hard at Benjamin Moore's Tyler Taupe - the paint chip is gorgeous)  Maybe I should paint the lower cabinets a darker shade and the upper cabinets a lighter shade (of whatever color I finally pick).....I love how that looks in other homes!  Or they could be totally different colors!!  BUT, I don't think I'd really like that, so.....there's ONE decision behind me! :-P  Haha!!

And of course, the whole paint-sample-fiasco has begun -- I am on my THIRD paint sample! :-{
Well, at least I think I LIKE this third color, although it might be too dark.....

Ok, and that first picture really frustrates me!!  If that's what my original paint color actually looked like, I wouldn't have to change it!!!  I guess I have to shine a flash on it all the time to be happy with it! :-P  OH, that's annoying!  Anyway, that's the latest sample that I actually like, it's an Old Village Paints color, perfectly matched at Lowe's (thank you, Daniel, my favorite paint-guy!!) .....it's Valley Forge Mustard!  What a great name, right?! :-D  But.....is it too dark??

The top picture is my bottom cabinet, and the bottom picture is my top cabinet (I could have planned that better, couldn't I?)......see how different the colors all look in different parts of the room?  They are all the same color!!!  How can you pick a color if it changes all the time???  *SIGH!!*  So here's where I'm STUCK! :-P  But what do you guys thing about the darker color in here?  Should I paint darker on the bottom and lighter on the top?? Hmmm.....I have more questions, but I don't want to overwhelm everyone!
I guess I will get one more sample of that Benjamin Moore color, just to check how it looks, and then I'll try with all my might to DECIDE something..... wish me luck!!!

I have a few other things to post about, but I'm going to save them for next time.  This whole paint-color-fiasco is really my biggest obstacle to overcome this week, so I'm staying focused on it until I am SURE I know what I'm doing!  And ANY opinions are welcome!! :-D  Oh yes, please someone tell me what to do (oh, and make sure I will like it)!!!!  Anyone up for that task??? ^-^


  1. I'm no help on paint.I always pick a tan or latte color.Then my second choice is sand and I decided black for our kitchen cupboards and hated them ever since.LoL..The dresses are cute and very prairie style and perfectly suitable for enjoying your days in.Good luck!~Amy

    1. I know, Amy, wouldn't it be SO much easier if we only had 4 or 5 colors to choose from? There are just too many now! I get lost!! I do love tan and latte, you can never go wrong with those.

      Why don't you paint over the black cabinets? It sounds like it would look nice, though -- I love black furniture!! :-D

  2. What color are your knobs in the top picture (are they your original grayish color--me thinks you should go with your original, original color [if that makes sense--ha ha])? They almost look the color of your grout. I was going to tell you the other day to maybe go with your grout color--a grayish sand. Your slippers are fabulous. Sigh . . . wish I had your talent.

    1. Yeah, can you believe that?? I forgot to put a second coat of mustard paint on those knobs (because they are near the floor) and it just wore off over these past few years and I never noticed it.....until I took that picture! :-P EMBARRASSING!!!

      Anyway, I have thought of going back to the gray, but I really want a WARM color in the kitchen.....I know you love the cool shades, right?! :-) I have always loved my mustard, until it turned green! LOL I am thinking of using the COOL colors for my bedroom, if I ever get to it -- like a grayish-blue or taupe! I AM going to check out that Colonial Beige you mentioned too, that sounds really nice!!

      Crocheting is SO EASY -- you should check it out online, they have videos on how to do it on YouTube! I'm telling you, if I can do it, ANYONE can!! ;-D

  3. Love the slippers! And the ribbon looks great with them. I wish I could be a definite help with the paint selection. We are in limbo with our dining room. What color, what color...? The only suggestion I could offer is how much sunlight does your kitchen get? If it's a bright kitchen, you might want to go with the Valley Forge Mustard since you like it. Good Luck.