Saturday, January 12, 2013

SLUMP.....!!! :-P


I have just NOT been myself for the past week.  I don't know what it is.....I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything.  Everything I have on my lists to do seems like WORK -- and I feel like I don't want to do anything. :-P

It's also discouraging to see how many things I have piled up waiting.....waiting for my family room to be finished (wood floor), waiting for my kitchen to be finished (door and wall trim), waiting for me to make a decision about a paint color or design, waiting for me to get motivated....etc, etc, etc....!!

I have a few things I wanted to post about, but they just don't seem exciting enough..... :-P

This is so not like ME.....and I hate this feeling!  Usually, I can always find something to get excited about, I always look forward to each day, tackling my project list is fun.  But not this week, and I haven't been able to shake it off yet.

I love my blog so much because it's my fun, happy place, and I love sharing my excitement over the little things going on in my life.....but I'm really just empty right now.....there's nothing to share......*sigh!*
My hope is that it's just my hormones (ahem!), and I'll get over it in another day or two!

But I wanted to at least post something, instead of just being gone, with no explanation.  See?  I'm HERE, I'm just not doing anything.... :-P

Sooooo.....wish me LUCK as I struggle to get out of this slump.....I'll keep trying to start (or continue!) some of my projects, and if I ever get going, I'll have something fun to post about, at last! ^-^


  1. Is it your trim color that you can't decide? Linda (Prim Stitcher) said one of her trim colors is Valspar Colonial Beige, sold at Lowes. It's a really nice grayish green color. Here's a link to her Picturetrail: I love her house so much. Maybe this will inspire you today :) Barb

    1. Thanks for that link, Barb!! :-) I am really enjoying all her pictures, and you're right, her house is amazing! I'm trying to decide about my KITCHEN color now....I don't like how the mustard looks greenish next to the tile floor now! :-P I THINK I want a goldish mustard in least, that's what I thought I had before the floor went in!!

  2. I'm sure it's just a temporary slump you are much too talented and energetic to stay low for long!! Perhaps it's left over from living in New England and our famous "cabin fever" that we get mid winter.....

  3. Well, at least you post about your slump. I just slumped away, with no explanation. I'll learn, I'll learn.