Monday, January 7, 2013

THIS is Better!!

I did it!!  I finished it last night, buttons and all, and I love it......
I picked the round "wooden" buttons, but actually, they are made from a coconut hull!!  When I opened them, I looked more closely at the insert, and that's what it said!  Neat, right?!! :-D
The other good thing about doing it over is that crocheting, pulling, and crocheting again has worn away the scratchiness of the wool yarn and made it softer!  This yarn is coarser than most wool yarns you can get, but it was also cheaper, and I loved the color!!  It's definitely WARM -- just carrying it over my arm warms it up!

So now to figure out how to make a dress....! ^-^


  1. Hurray for you and a darling finish! The wee buttons are perfect!
    Hope you get a dress made too!
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Christine!! :-)
      I'm a little behind on a dress, but I'm looking for patterns....we'll see!!!!!