Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not Slumped, but Not Posting, Either.....!!

It looks like my posts are going to be a little slow in coming for a few weeks.....I've been helping my neighbor, who is very sick and had major surgery last week.  My boys play with her son, and we live together at the end of our dirt road, so we are involved in eachother's lives, and have formed a supportive friendship over the years!  She has helped us sometimes, and we have helped her sometimes.  She is a bit older than me, by about 15 years, so I feel like I have an older sister....which is fun because I'm the oldest in my family!!
 I've helped her with gardening, and Brian has helped her when she needs wood for heat, or when her pipes burst a few years ago!  She and I have been planning an herb garden to grow behind my house for this spring!!

She told me two weeks ago that she was diagnosed with cancer, and had to have major surgery to remove it, which was a week ago, Friday.  That was very difficult to hear and think about for her, and I immediately began praying so hard that it would be minor, not spread, and she would be able to be ok!!!  I can't imagine something so awful happening to her like that!  My kids also were very worried for her, and for their friend.  But she came through the surgery GREAT, the cancer did NOT spread and they believe they got it all out!  She had to stay in the hospital for several days, so I was helping her by keeping an eye on her kids.  They are both pretty independent, and actually her son practically LIVES here anyway!! :-)  She has been home since Tuesday, and I've been going over there to help her with her medicines, and meals, and shopping with her daughter once.  She says she is healing nicely!!  Thank you Lord!

She is still waiting on the pathology report from the lab for the doctors to decide on a treatment plan once she is healed and on her feet again.  But I am hoping that the fact that they don't have it on a fast track to get the results is GOOD NEWS, meaning they don't think her cancer is dangerous!  I still pray.

So needless to say, I haven't been thinking very much about crafting and creating!!  And deep worry like this kind of dampens the creative spirit.  I CAN feel it perking back up a little, as my watchfulness and worry subside a bit.  I HAVE been doing a few little things, but I don't get to devote a full amount of time to them right now, so I can't get them finished!! :-P
Mostly by nighttime, I'm a little weary and burned out, and I spend the night watching old movies and looking around online ------ NOT blogging! :-(  SORRY!!!

So just hang on with me!  I've got some good ideas brewing, and some fun things to post about, once I get something finished!! ^-^


  1. Lisadiane:
    I'll pray for a full recovery for your neighbor. She is so blessed to have you as a neighbor and friend.

    1. Thank you Cheryl!! She will find out her next steps with treatment at her post-op appointment tomorrow. I am praying every day as well! :-)

  2. I totally understand when something is weighing on your mind, you can't create. I hope your neighbor continues to heal and that her body will respond well to the treatment. I also hope she recovers fully. I know it will be years of checking before she will be completely "cured". It's a blessing she has you nearby. I'll pray for her.