Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have a post almost finished that I was typing yesterday afternoon to post last night, but so sadly, I find myself AGAIN having to pause with a broken heart at an incomprehensible act of unprovoked violence against our fellow humans -- completely innocent and unsuspecting people.  People who would probably never even dream of doing harm to the perpetrator(s) if they saw them in regular circumstances.  

Again, I am asking.....


What happens to people that they get such a power-trip or thrill out of destroying lives???  They are successfully destroying lives.....!  How do people change from playful, innocent children into hate-filled monsters?

My heart is so heavy.  Massachusetts is my home-state.  Although I have lived in NC for 10 years and love living here more than Mass, I still feel a strong connection with the towns and people there.  I have been to Boston tons of times, and one of my sisters LIVES in Boston.  I thank God that she wasn't in the marathon crowds yesterday, like she has been many other times.....still, it was scary when I couldn't get a hold of her on her phone yesterday after I found out what happened.  I was a few hours late in hearing about it, and I thought I probably would have heard from someone by then if anything was wrong, but still.....that sliver of uncertainty chilled me to the bone.

And knowing that others felt like I did, but had awful outcomes, not relief like me, just HURTS.
I am SO SORRY for them, for what they have lost - physically and emotionally - and the only thing I can do is pray....and pray.....and pray.....

.....again. :-(

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  1. I know, Lisa. I know. None of this makes sense to those of us whose hearts and will desire kindness and peace to those we know, and to those who are strangers. We find it impossible to comprehend the mind of evil "humans" who set out to cause such pain and unthinkable carnage. I have no words of comfort for you, except to say that the majority of our society understands your heavy heart.