Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FINALLY Feeling Better!

WOW -- this has been AWFUL!  I've never experienced something like this before.....and I hope I don't again!!

I DID go to my doctor's, and he said that I had some kind of mild food poisoning (this was MILD???), and that the bacteria gets into the small intestine and wreaks havoc there!  It takes a loooong time for the body to fight it and get rid of it, weeks sometimes, and that's in a healthy body!!  He said that's why I still feel weak, especially after I eat -- because digestion takes the most energy of anything our bodies have to do, and it's already using most of it's energy fighting this bacteria.  As long as I'm not getting worse, or getting dehydrated, there's nothing to do except wait.  He actually said that he was surprised I wasn't more sick.....what?  I could have been worse??  YIKES!

So there's your biology lesson for today! :-D

I am almost completely better.....although I notice yesterday and today that I feel a little worse than I did over the weekend -- I bet it's because Brian is at work!! LOL  I really DO feel better when he is home! :-D

On to more fun stuff!!!.....

Hello, my name is Lisa, and I am a wool-coat-aholic!
It's TRUE!!  I have become addicted to buying wool suit coats from the thrift store and then picking them apart and felting the wool!  I've done it here and there, but this weekend we went to the thrift store to find Brian some shorts, and right next to where he was looking were the coats.....how is a girl supposed to resist??  And the worst part was, every coat color I liked was ON SALE!  I couldn't put any back because the most expensive was $3.50, and that was only one -- all the others were either $1.25 or 87 CENTS!!!!  That's about what a candy bar costs now!

So here is my booty :-D......
These have turned into this.....
And then we went back (Brian had to exchange a pair of shorts that didn't fit - hee hee hee!), and I grabbed these.....
You can't really see in the photo, but these are a nice tan/brown, and again, those color tags were 50% off!!!  Brian couldn't say no! :-D

But WAIT....there's MORE!!
I also got the brilliant idea (while looking for a dress for myself) that I should try to find linen and cotton clothes to recycle and use as backings for penny rugs or whatever, and I found these.....

The dress is a nice heavy cotton, with a loooong skirt that would touch the floor if I tried it on (which means it's probably NOT that long! LOL).....it's pretty, but not at all my style!  But it was 87 cents, too!  The men's shirts were all on sale too -- the blue tags were 50% off and the orange tags were 75% off!!!  All four of the shirts are a linen/cotton blend, perfect for crafting! :-D

So a quick calculation of ALL the clothes I got, and it was less than $18!!!  That's for everything I've shown here!!  VERY exciting! :-D

Now while I've been couch-bound, I've had something to do -- that's where that huge pile of felted wool came from in that picture!  A normal person might want to simply CUT around the seams, to save time and annoyance.....but NOT ME!!!!  There is something in me that just cannot waste any of the wool! LOL  So silly, but I can't help it.  Plus, I really enjoy using my seam ripper to pull apart all the pieces -- there is something very satisfying to me about doing that! (yeah, I'm a weirdo!)

BUT, during my seam ripping fun, my trusty old tool BROKE, and I had to get a new one.....so I picked this one.....
It's ergonomic!!! :-D
That means it doesn't cramp my hand when I use it for a long time!! (which I do!)

So, I've got a nice large pile of felted wool.....I think it's time to make something, right??? LOL

The other thing I've been totally obsessed with is Pinterest.....isn't EVERYONE addicted to Pinterest?  Yeah, I thought so!  Sometimes I want to cry because there is just too much to see and be inspired by on there!! LOL  I am trying to be very discerning about what I pin -- I love so many things, it's easy to get carried away on there!  So I make it a point to only pin things that REALLY move me.  My boards are titled different things that "inspire" me, and to me that means things that I want to make or do!  I'm going to try to find a way to put a link to my Pinterest page on here, but if you want to check it out, here's the link...... http://pinterest.com/lisadiane2005/

Being careful about what I eat, and not feeling good eating has done something to me that I'm NOT used to at all -- I'm hungry all the time!!  Especially at night, I feel hungry like I used to when I was pregnant! LOL  So I can't stop thinking about food.....have you seen the food on Pinterest???  I've been tormenting myself looking at all the food! Haha!!  So today, I'm going to make this......
It's GRAPE SALAD!!!!  (It's from Paula Dean..... http://www.pauladeen.com/index.php/recipes/view2/grape_salad/?k=1) 
I have the cream cheese softening on the counter right now! :-D  I'm not putting the shredded cheddar in it, though.  I don't like the sound of that.  But I love cream cheese and sour cream, oh yes!!!  If I had enough yogurt, I would use it in place of the sour cream, just to make the flavor yummier!  NEXT TIME!
I'll take pictures tonight when I make it, and let everyone know how it was!

It's funny, because the two things I am craving right now are yogurt and bananas -- I eat them every day!  It makes sense, too, because yogurt is good for your stomach and bananas are loaded with potassium - that's exactly what my body needs right now!  There was a banana pudding cake recipe on Pinterest that I was just drooling over the other night!!  I think that might have to be next!!
And something else that is weird.....I am not really interested in chocolate.  I'm telling you, that IS weird weird for me!  I normally LIVE for chocolate, but I just don't like the taste right now.  That alone makes me think I might be near death!! LOL
But really, it's just so interesting that my body really is leading me toward what I need right now.

Well, it's taken me half the day to get this post done.....I have GOT to get my life back in order around here.  I feel like I'm going to go crazy!!  But right now I think I'll have the rest of that yogurt....! ^-^


  1. Your body is right about the yogurt. If you get live cultured yogurt the good bacteria cultures in it will get rid of that bad stuff lingering in your gut.
    So glad you are on the mend.
    I go crazy in the thrift store too. Getting turtlenecks and other light knits to make doggie jammies. I have way too much for the tiny dogs I have. I have finally gotten all the fabrics/clothes sorted into clear bins by colors so I can find the right ones to make collars and cuffs.
    I just picked up a copy of Primitive Quilts mgazine, never saw it before but it has a hooked rug of a horse that I might have to learn how to make.And go shopping for wools to work it.

  2. Lisadiane:
    (I just love that name. Please remember to thank your Mother for such a pretty name.) Well, that is interesting about the food poisoning. I did not think of that because you did not mention that anyone else in the family was feeling ill. I thought it might have been a small intestine problem ie: a seed such as a poppy seed gone awry, or just too much stress taking care of your dear neighbor, and your DH, and the kids, and the dog rescue, etc. Just glad to know that you did go to the Dr. I hope that by now you are feeling like your normal self.

    I just LOVE that you are so into felting your own wool. It is very hard to do out here in CA. (hot weather!) The wool club gals at my local quilt shop get all giddy whenever they go out of state, as it always means thrift shop hunting for wool! Maybe you are a KM Primitive's (Karen) in the making. Doesn't she do the most amazing work! You never know Lisa where this will lead you. Thank you for sharing how you prepare the fabric. It's so fun to understand the process.

    You might want to check out the magazine that Elaine just discovered: A Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. I just love my copies to pieces each month! I stick to quilting and applique, but I would love to know more about working with felted wool and would love to learn how to rug hook.

    Take care my friend,
    Cheryl (allthingscolonial)