Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not Doing Too Well Over Here....! :-P

I am not going to type a long post right now......but if I don't get on here and post something, I'm going to forget how to blog!!

I am sorry about being away like I have been: first, I was so busy helping my neighbor (who is having chemo right now) and not doing much around the house, but since before last weekend, I have felt AWFUL!  And I'm not getting better yet! :-P

It's almost like a stomach-flu, but it's NOT -- can someone explain that to me???  I'm getting very frustrated about it, because I'm really done with feeling like crap!!  At the end of last week, I had some kind of stomach problem/attack, and I was in bed for TWO DAYS.....with no fever, even!  And no one else has been sick!!  I ate the same things every one else ate that day, I even prepared it all, so I know nothing was bad or rotten.  I felt SOOOO weak, I actually had to lay on the floor at one point during the night when I was on my way to get some water -- Puppy barked, that's how Brian came to get me!  Can you picture that??  I felt so ridiculous, but couldn't do a thing about it!! 

My one consolation, as I thought, laying in bed unable to lift my arms all the next day, was that stomach "things" go away quickly, and I'd be back to myself by Monday.....right?  WRONG!!  Do you know that my arms feel like lead right now while I'm typing this???  What is going on?!?!

OH!!!  It is soooo frustrating! :-P
Needless to say, I've got nothing done around here, I'm not even cooking anything fun -- it's been all sandwiches and eggs and canned soup (which I am barely eating!).....I am almost back to normal eating amounts, though, but that seems to be the time I feel the worst, right after eating.  I feel weak enough to want to sit down, and I even get a headache and a little sweaty if I don't sit right away!  I have NO other symptoms, though, not even nausea anymore.  Just this annoying weak-feeling!!  It's worse because as I laid on the floor that time, I could see all this dust and some dirt under one of my cabinets, and I've been itching to get over there and VAC IT UP!!!  But when I tried to pull out the vacuum this morning (foolishly thinking "this is my fifth day since getting sick, I must be better by now!"), I almost had to sit on the floor again (well, last time I LAID there!) -- imagine the view of dirt and dust that would have tormented me in the daylight!!!!

So here I sit.....and sit.....and sit.....and lay......and SIT!! :-P
I feel exhausted from typing this long (although I've taken a few breaks), so I guess I'll SIT here with my arms down at my sides and press the stupid TV remote all night.....BORING!!!!

I better BE better by Friday, that's all I have to say.  Maybe I'll start counting my buttons, that will give me something different to long as I keep them in my lap.....*SIGH!!* (that's a LOUD one!)

I better GO!  Wish me'll be able to tell what happens this weekend! Pfffttt!!

PS -- and I've been hacked/spammed/whatever it's called.....I've had about 200 "views" on one of my old posts, and had to delete about 20 "anonymous" comments with links in them!  Does that mean my blog is out there now??  Haha!  ^-^


  1. Get thee to the doctor, dear!! :[ Barb

  2. yes I think a doctor is needed too. And isn't it funny how when we aren't sick we can kinda ignore the cobwebs in the ceiling corners but if we are sick we see every one and are frustrated by not being able to get them ?? lol
    Hope you feel better soon, sending Mommy kisses and soup to make you better,

  3. Yes Lisa, I have to agree with the others. Get to a Dr. Could be low Iron level, ulcer,or something serious. I don't mean to alarm you, but you better go have it checked out.

    Sure hope that I am not the one causing the spam. I am not a member of blogger, so I have been selecting "anonymous" for the profile selection. We have all kinds of virus blockers on our computer. But if you want me to stop making comments here, I will understand.

    Go to urgent care. The weakness doesn't sound right.
    Prim Hugs, Cheryl (allthingscolonial)

    1. NO, NO, Cheryl!! It's NOT from your comments! If it was, they wouldn't be hitting posts from almost a year ago (boy, those spammers need to get with it, right?! LOL).....PLEASE don't stop commenting, I love all my friends' comments!! :-D Besides, if you did stop commenting, I'd have to get at least two emails a week from you, so I wouldn't be sad -- commenting is much easier for you, I'm sure! (hee hee!)

  4. Go to the dr because that's not just a stomach bug my friend!

  5. Thank you all for your concern and comments! You were all quite correct, but I'll update that in my next post. I AM feeling much better, thank God!! Now to get out that vacuum.....! :-D