Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FINISHED!!! Now.....waiting!!

But that's ok!!  I can wait a bit! :-D
I got ALL my boards finished yesterday, and all I can say is PHEW!!!  It sure feels great to have my huge job all done, and stacked up.....
You can see I've already cut and peeled back part of the hideous (filthy!) rug.....boy, I can't wait to tear it all out!!!  Brian said we might do that this weekend! :-D  YAY!!

Oh, it is SO exciting to be tackling jobs that have been on my list (the BIG List) for years!!!  What will I do when everything is completed around here and I have no more huge projects to plan and complete....???  How about KEEPING IT CLEAN?  Hmmm.....never one of my strong points!  As a matter of fact, let me share with you one of my all-time favorite cartoons (if I can find it to post here), hang on......Found it!!  This is great! LOL......
Hahaha!  That's SO me!!! :-D
It's really not something to be proud of, though, and after I'm done with all the rooms here, and the cutting and scraping and painting, I really need to clean everything up, get the tools locked away in the barn/workshop (Not my favorite tools, though!), and become a GOOD HOUSEKEEPER!!!  My little house will deserve it by then! :-)

So today (instead of catching up on my painting projects :-P), I've been on Pinterest!  I joined Pinterest awhile ago, but I've never pinned anything.....it was too scary at first!!  There was SO MUCH that I wanted to pin all over the place, I knew I could lose control of it quick!  So I've had to think about it for awhile first, and today, I started my first boards and adding pins to them!  I started with my Country Sampler magazines -- I have so many pages tabbed, that I thought it would be fun to take pictures of my favorite, most inspiring pages and add them on a board!  So I did!! :-D
This is just a small stack!!! LOL  If you click on it, I think you can see more closely all my tabs on top, and some on the sides! :-D 

So today I took some pictures and added them to Pinterest!  I'm not sure if there will be a problem because they are of magazines, but I put the month and year and page number on each picture, along with a wordy description of what I loved about each picture (I'm always "wordy"! LOL).....hopefully that's good enough!

I also want to create boards of things I want to make or build myself -- there's SO MUCH on Pinterest that I want to make!!!!! -- and a board with techniques for creating, like aging wood or distressing paint.  I'll have to see if it's fun to do all this, or if it's too much work!  It was definitely tedious doing the magazine pictures, but I was too excited about it to mind.....so far, it's fun!! :-)

Well, tomorrow I will be starting some seeds for my tomato plants and cucumbers, and also some herbs that I want to grow (so I can dry them in the Fall!) -- I have Sweet Annie seeds and fennel, and I think one more.  I'm a little late this year, but that won't matter by mid summer!

So that should be fun for me -- I'll be sure to take pictures!! ^-^


  1. Wow! did Maxine nail me That comic is so me, too. I also have a sign that says "I will procrastinate, tomorrow."
    Can't wait to see your floor all done.

  2. LOL! LOL! LOL! Cute joke!

    What will you do when all of your projects are complete? Sit back and enjoy!
    Have fun with Pinterest; it is all I can do to visit my fav's much less have my own boards! Thanks for sharing. It will be fun to see the finished project.