Friday, April 5, 2013

NO Floor Yet -- BOO HOO!!!

I know that I said I didn't mind waiting for Brian to do the wood floor, but.....I changed my mind!!!

Hahaha!  We KNEW that would happen, though, didn't we!! :-D
It's worse, because I ripped up the yucky old rug two days ago (and hurt my back!)(I'm getting OLD!! :-P), so I can really picture it now!

I am going to completely swallow my pride, and show you a BEFORE picture -- at least you can see what I've been living with (and why I seem to have unlimited energy to re-do it! LOL).....
Of course, before I started moving everything around, the room looked better than THIS, but look at that hideous green rug!!!  It gives me shivers! :-P  I had started cutting it and pulling on it before taking this picture, and that stirred up a bunch of dust -- that's why it looks a little blurry in some spots - my camera flash picks up dust particles!! LOL  I guess that's the downside to upgrading my camera last year! :-D

Anyway, I knew I had a dust problem in here, but there seemed to be so much dust.....then as I rolled up the rug and the pad under it, I could see why.....
Can you see that???  I took another picture without my flash to give you a better look......
DISGUSTING!!!!  That is a thick layer of super-fine powdered dirt/dust!!!  That must be what settles under rugs after years of use (this rug is 13 yrs old)!  YUCK!!  How can you ever get that vacuumed up, without tearing up the rug???  And that's how I hurt my back -- this powdery stuff did not just suck up into the vacuum when I went over it.....Oh no!  It took me going back and forth several times over each spot to get it all (using the hose attachment!)!  When I was finished, I felt like I had spent hours bent over weeding my garden!
But look at the transformation.....
You could eat off this floor now!  Well, maybe not that, but at least Puppy can wag her tail without sending up a swirling cloud of dust!!
Puppy was SO funny while I was working -- she wouldn't get out of my way the whole time I was cutting the rug, then trying to roll it up (she laid down with a toy right where I was rolling and wouldn't move! LOL), and you can see by her wagging tail that she is trying to get in my way again, daring me to move her!! Haha!  I LOVE my Puppy!!!

I could also see watermarks on the subfloor (once the dirt/dust was gone), but thankfully none of it is damaged.  That big spot in front of my old vacuum is from me spilling the Christmas tree water 2 years ago -- I forgot I did that until I saw that spot.  The rug was soaked even more than that, so it's lucky that there is only a spot there!

Yoo-Hoo!  Brian, the floor is waiting....!!  :-D

Ok, well since I had to wait for him, and my back felt like it was broken, I decided to start some of my seeds!!!  FUN!
I mix the starter soil with water in a huge mixing bowl.....

Dirt cake, anyone??? LOL......

I pick out my seeds.....

(some of these I saved from last year's tomatoes!)
And then I plant them in rows right in the dish.....
You can't see it very well, but I put a plastic garden tag on it's side in the back of the dish so I could keep track of what I planted, where, on my list!
This is how I start my tomato seeds all the time now, because they seem to sprout best for me like this, I have NO idea why!  When I first started tomato seeds a few years ago, I used the little peat pots, but the seeds never germinated in them....they just got moldy!  So I plant them like this, and when they start to grow and get a few little leaves on them, I transfer them to larger peat pots and then to the garden when they are big enough!!

I also started some ornamental herb seeds (I used the peat pots for them!).....
Sweet Annie (look how tiny they are!!), and......

I did four of each.....
.......but I don't really know HOW many Sweet Annie seeds are actually in the dirt, because I couldn't see them! LOL  I guess I'll know when they start sprouting!!

The perfect thing about this is that the rest of the weekend and most of next week is going to be nice and sunny, with temps around 70F, so I'll be able to keep my seeds in the sun, which is what helps them sprout the quickest! :-D

So that's my excitement for now!  My back is almost all better, but only for now, because it will be killing me again once I get back into my garden!!  And I can't wait to get out into the sun -- I can tell I'm vitamin D deficient! :-D  I love feeling the sun on me in the spring, and it's been such a chilly, rainy spring that it's taken longer for me to be out there than it normally would.....I'm ready!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brian won't be able to resist the psychic messages I'm sending him to do the floor!!  But if it waits another week, I'll survive it! Haha!  I guess I'll just keep watering my seeds and playing on Pinterest until he's ready!!! ^-^


  1. lol Psychic
    It is a wonder that he lets you on Pinterest at all. my BIL says it makes too many projects for him to do if my sister is on there.
    They say a carpet can hold 80 x's it's weight in dirt, I believe it. Nasty things, I hate wall to wall. Area rugs are much easier to clean

    My pups think I am playing with them when I try to rearrange things too.

  2. Oh my, Lisa where do I begin........(LOL) Your back! Dear Friend you MUST BE CAREFUL. There is nothing worse than chronic back pain. Take it slow, and DONT be doing things that require a man's upper body muscles! But you did great, and once again I am in awe of how you just jumped in and tackled a project,of which I would have been clueless! I had better not tell you how old our carpet is - you will shiver for sure!

    I really appreciate seeing how you plant seeds. Once again, you are SO organized! Amazing! TFS! ~ Cheryl