Sunday, October 14, 2012

And the Fun Thing We Made Is.......

I had a wonderful day today!! :-D  And just WAIT until you see what fun thing I picked to do.....!!  But first, it started out a little chilly this morning, so I asked Brian to make us a fire!  YAY!!!

Isn't it SO cozy!?  Even the smell of a fire burning fills me with peace and happiness! :-)  It warmed us up just enough, and we burned two logs and then let it die out -- by then it was getting really nice and warmer outside, and we could even open the windows!
Our little Minnie wasn't sure about the fire.....
She watched cautiously from her blanket on the couch!  Our little sweetie!! :-) 

NOW for my project of the day.....
I made that box that I loved at the antique store yesterday!!!!  Isn't it GREAT?!  Wait until I arrange it on my table and fill those little cubbies with cool stuff! :-D
Remember the original..?...
I just knew that we had old weathered wood like that somewhere around here, so I asked Brian to make me a box like that.....

He found the wood pieces, and cut them to the length I wanted (24 inches long, 6 inches wide).
We made them into two frames and just set them on top of eachother, and I used glue for some of the ends, just for extra strength and stability.....

Brian cut the rest of the pieces for the bottom (the original had a plywood bottom, but I didn't want that).....

And that was THAT -- I had my old farm box!!! :-D  I was/AM so excited about it, I love it!!!
What do you think it was used for so long ago....seeds?....feed? LOL 
I have wanted a trough/box like this for my table for so long....I can't wait to set it all up tomorrow! :-D

I checked on my hanging-drying weeds today, to see how they were coming along....
They aren't falling apart yet....of course, they are still mostly green....a few more days should tell!
Oh, and I wanted to show you another treasure I am saving up.....
MINI-CANS!!!!  Are these a treasure to anyone else but me? LOL  Oh, and.....shhhhhh!!!  Don't tell my husband!  He will make me throw these away if he finds out! :-D  I was looking at "primitive" tutorials on Pinterest last week, and there were some on there about making cans look rusty and decorating them, neat stuff, so I think I'm going to try that on these little 8oz cans! 
Here they are next to a regular can, I love their small size!.....
You can see I punched a pattern into those two old cans, I did that a few years ago so I could make little tin lights.....

See how pretty?  They look even nicer in real life, too!  So I could always punch a design into the little ones too!  If anyone tries that, be sure that you fill the empty cans with water, and then freeze them -- that way there is a solid backing to punch into (I used a flat head and phillips head screwdrivers) - at least until the ice breaks apart! LOL

Tomorrow I'll be doing some baking and canning (preserves), and I have all kinds of fun ideas for projects this week....I'm not going to list them, because I have NO idea what will inspire me tomorrow (except for arranging my table box!), but I will be sure to take lots of pictures!!! ^-^


  1. Great job on that box--better than the original! What color is your lower wall under the stenciling? I'm thinking about changing trim color in my house and can't make up my mind. I absolutely love your fireplace wall--so colonial (I'd love to have one like that). You're just so full of inspiration for me:) Have a great week!

    1. Hi Barb!! I kind of made up that color! LOL It's in the kitchen, and I picked a gold colored sample from Lowe's that wasn't QUITE right (I don't remember that original color...), and I added some of my stencil paints to it to make it the shade I was looking for -- it's kind of like a gold-tan in my kitchen light. I can give you the formula, and you just bring that to Lowe's and have them make up a sample, then you can see if it's the right color for you! :-D Let me know if you want it!

      And thank you for complimenting that wall! My husband ended up having to router that bead onto each board, because you can't find that type of wood around here -- I just HAD to have it! LOL

    2. That wall is sheer perfection--he routered the lines so straight. Was that color a Lowe's color? If so, I'm out of luck--no Lowe's around here :( You can give me the formula anyway, in case I can get it made at Wal-Mart. By the way, keep up the great work blogging "every day," because we all look forward to it. You're such an awesome source of inspiration :)

    3. That's ok, Barb, I have the perfect solution! :-D I can paint the color onto a piece of card stock and mail it to you....then you can have it color matched at your Walmart (or anywhere) if you like it! If you want to do that, just email me at with your address (IF you want to), and I'll mail it out this weekend for you! :-)

  2. The box turned out nicely.I can't wait to see it filled,I have a guess what will go into at least in Blessings!~Amy