Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Having Lots of FUN!! :-D

OH!!  I am having a wonderful weekend!!! :-D
First of all, the weather has been gorgeous -- near 50 at night and near 70 during the day, with lots of sunshine!  Who could not be in a great mood with that all around, right?!  I took some pictures yesterday while walking around -- I was looking at all the dried weeds growing everywhere and wondering if any of them would look good hanging in my house!  Great idea, isn't know, FREE drieds! :-D
You can see we don't have any fall color's coming!  The original owners who set up our house here had that light pole put there (because it's SO dark back here in the woods!), but it costs double (from what they paid) to have it on every night, so we keep it dark....I just wish the POLE wasn't there, either - UGLY! :-P  There's me taking the picture on the bottom! hee hee!!
Puppy and Minnie were following me and sniffing around! :-D  See the yellow and white flower-weeds?  I clipped some of those!  You can also see our kids' OLD treehouse Brian built them 7 years ago when we first moved's not safe to be on anymore, but it's got the best old, weathered wood....hmmm! LOL

There's a sitting area we built the year before last....that's where my cat was sitting during the super-hot weather a few months ago....remember the picture of her basically melted to the bench? LOL  I planted flowering vines at the front posts, but they aren't grown up very much yet!  I love these white flower-weeds everywhere -- they look so much greener and prettier in real life!
Here's what I picked out there....I tied them up and they are hanging upside-down on the back porch now.  Let's see how they turn out dried!
Today, Emily and I actually planted the broccoli and cauliflower plants that I bought weeks (and weeks) ago.....
I almost didn't plant them, but the continuous cool weather these past two weeks helped them really develop in the little planting pots they were in - they looked so healthy, I just couldn't give up on them!  Besides, I really want to freeze those veggies before winter gets here, and I've never grown anything in the fall before - this will be so interesting to me!  I planted them where the bean plants were, and used compost and garden soil, AND I will fertilize these next weekend.  Let's just SEE what happens....! :-D

And outside again, walking all the dogs around (the other two need to be leashed), I took them all through the woods a little ways looking for treasures, and I found them......
:-D  I am so excited about these pinecones!!!  I am not sure what I am going to do with them -- maybe part of my gingerbread man garland, or a garland all their own, OR part of a wreath....?  They are perfect, the size of an egg!  I could dust them with white "snow", or tie them with many ideas!  And they were right in my yard!!  Yay!

AND, we got to go to my favorite store EVER.....The Country Heart!!!  Super-Yay! :-D

I LOVE the Halloween stuff!!

A little bit of Christmas stuff is out, she said it will be in full swing in early November!!  I love that burlap stocking, and right next to it is the "tray" made from gray wood that I must have!!!!  I love the sections and the wood -- it would look SO GREAT on my table.....!!  *sigh!*  Well, I only got silicone bulbs today, but actually that makes me so happy, because that's what was stopping me from putting up my candle lights in the window this week - not the right bulbs!  Who wants to use the normal glass bulbs when you can get the most awesome silicone one's???  So I'll post a picture of that tomorrow, after they are all up!!!

So, I know I had big cooking and project plans for the past week, but I just couldn't get into it....remember I mentioned that I wanted to make a penny rug?  Well, I found a few on Pinterest that have me very inspired, and then I found some other crafting ideas that I could totally do, and I now I can't even remember what I wanted to do last week.....I am going to have to make a list again! LOL (that Pinterest is dangerous!)  I think I'm going to work on some garlands I've been thinking about, for my gingerbread too!  I bought oranges so I can dry slices this week for them.  That will be fun, but it does take a while.  And I am definitely making my pear items (jam and bread), and I have the pears all chopped up and ready (all 12 cups of them!), but I also want to make some apple stuff, too, and I picked up what I needed for that today while we were out -- wait until you see the yumminess!! 

OH, that's the greatest news of all -- we did the food shopping today!  So now I can stay home with Brian tomorrow ALL DAY!  No annoying errands in the morning! :-D  I can't decide what I want to start on first -- a project, or some baking....hmmm!!!  I do have a few other ideas bouncing around in my head, but I'm not going to overwhelm this post with them! Hahaha!  If I actually DO them, then I'll share them....IF! LOL

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend, too!!  I'll post again tomorrow night to show what I pick as the most exciting thing to do! ^-^

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