Monday, October 1, 2012

Thoughts Of CHRISTMAS!!!

A few weeks ago, I decided to join my first-EVER blog swap over at Bumble Bee Lane (Hi Amy!!!)'s called a Homespun Ornament Swap!  FUN, right???  Yup, but also SCARY....I don't know if I can make any ornaments that anyone wants...!  I have a few ideas, but I'm still nervous! LOL
So, today I went into my Christmas closet (yes, I have a whole closet full of my Christmas stuff!! Haha!), and I pulled out a small box of my Works In Progress (WIPs)......
This is a fun little box right here!! :-D  I have glitter glue, glass beads, ornament kits, ribbon, chenille stems, little ornaments....great stuff!  I do have half-finished ornaments (of course) and several ideas for ornaments -- maybe I can come up with something that's good enough to give away....?!

Getting into my Christmas closet kind of got me excited about Christmas!! :-D  I started looking on Pinterest, and I found some great ideas and inspiration on there......
I want to make ALL of those!!!!  I have my old pair of ice skates, I used them when I was a teenager and up in Massachusetts -- there's NO need for them down here! :-D  Nothing ever freezes enough to be safe to stand on!  So I could hang them on my door, after distressing them....I LOVE the candy canes wrapped in fabric, too -- I have that fabric!! :-D

I also found a fun new cabinet to build sometime.....
I LOVE THIS!!  It would be perfect here, and I know just how to make it!  
Don't tell my husband, though.....he thinks we are building the last cabinet I want for a long time....hee hee hee!!! :-D

And HERE is something I found that I'm going to make tomorrow......
I found the recipe posted here....

Don't they look perfect??  They are not edible, they are for decoration only, and I've always wanted some....I'll take pictures of making the dough tomorrow.  They have to chill overnight, so I will cut and bake them on Wednesday!!  FUN FUN!!! :-D

So that's about all I did today -- OH, I did take the mini-puppy outside several times, to go to the bathroom and just to run....she's got ALOT of energy, even my poor Puppy gets tired of being nipped and jumped on!  The other two dogs stay faaaar away from her!! LOL
I still have cooking to do (from my list last night), so we'll have to see how that goes tomorrow....I might just work on my Swap ornaments! ^-^


  1. Oh yeah! I love Christmas too! The skates are awesome!
    I know you'll have so much fun with the swap!
    Best wishes

  2. Best Wishes with your first swap. I looks like you have some great projects ahead of you. So much fun! Please pots your creations. I would love to see what you're going to make. And good luck with the cabinet, too.

  3. Giggles..You will do just fine.I need to get busy on my ornies too.Warm Blessings!~Amy