Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here I Am!! :-)

This is my FIRST post of the weekend!! 
Well, I haven't been doing very much, and I'm bogged down with what I did do....! :-P
You aren't going to believe it, but there's another problem with my cabinet.....Brian cut the board wrong by 2 inches, and now we need another you hear that?  We need a whole other board because of 2 inches....ARGGGGG!!!!  LOL  I just can't get this cabinet finished!  And in all fairness, Brian didn't really cut the board wrong as much as I measured wrong again, and we ended up needing that last piece of wood that unfortunately wasn't long enough....! :-P
And we got SO CLOSE, and it looks SO GREAT.....

Pay NO attention to the mess around, oh, and the horrid white plastic floor! :-P  (Someday we'll get that covered by gorgeous ceramic tile....!)  See how good it looks in the last picture?  Oh, I so much wanted to get that door on! :-D  The picture just above this one shows the cabinet door leaning on the cabinet!  When it's done, I'll show a close-up of the staining and the little chipped parts of the boards that I saved and used on it, to make it look older! :-D  I love the parts of wood boards that most people would cut off!! Hahaha!  I can't help it - they look so perfect to me....I've got to have them on my wood creations!

THEN....I tried to work on my little house....I got as far as sanding where I put wood putty to smooth it out.....
.....but I ran smack into my nemesis -- PAINT COLORS!  What should I pick???  I still don't know! :-P
Here is the picture of my other buildings again....
Those are the colors I've used already, now I have NO idea what color I want it to be!  I'm leaning toward a dark tan, or the colonial red I got a sample of a few weeks ago.  But since I wasn't sure, I didn't get it painted! LOL

Now, I want to show you a picture of one of my favorite cookbooks.....
This book has THE BEST recipes, some I remember my (yankee!) Nana making when I was little!!  This week I'm going to make a pear bread - sooo delicious! - and some pear-cranberry relish!  I want to try that on Thanksgiving!  I'll be sure to share the recipes when I make them!! :-D

So a new week is beginning....I need a LIST of things I want to do....

1. make pear bread
2. paint little house
3. paint island (remember that?!)
4. make pear-cranberry relish
5. finish painting/distressing living room cabinet
6. try antiquing glaze on one wall...???
7. OH!  I also want to set up my window candle lights!  I want to start putting them out in the beginning of October, instead of only at Christmas -- they are so cozy looking, we should be enjoying them more!

There they are -- those are my plans for the week!  I could do all, or none!! Haha!

I am really loving this little puppy, she is SO SWEET!!  I have still been putting notices out there (with no responses so far), but I'm not sure if I can part with her anymore....!  I guess the wish I was trying not to make has come true.....

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  1. Hmmm couldn't see that coming ( the secret unwish) LoL..I think it's time to name puppy and just accept what it is "yours" tried to talk hubby into a basset hound last week but the answer was no (we have 3 furbabies) Really I could've won but I felt deep down that I wouldn't have the time..I'm baking applesauce bread this week a new recipe using chunky applesauce and dried apples and a brown sugar topping.How about a tan house? Good luck on your list.Happy Monday!~Amy